Iran’s Jewish Rulers

By Donny Ahzmond

This is from 2019, but is very relevant now. Particularly if the current escalation leads to a wider Middle Eastern war, as Alexander posits

There are 30 detailed historical pages of pdf, source at foot. I’ve copied and pasted a couple of snippets

Note: “Komnene” is the Middle Eastern version of “Cohen”

From page 1:

“But it got me thinking about Iran and its rulers – who they are and where they came from. So let’s take
a turn through the mainstream bios with our eyes open, and see what we see. As it turns out,
they’re all Jewish. They are not “Arab” or “Persian” or “Middle Eastern”. These are all just
broad ethnic terms that signify nothing. They are used merely to keep you off the scent. And
none of Iran’s leaders are Muslim, either. Most of Islam’s top clerics and religious leaders have
been placed there to control the religion and keep its adherents focused on the wrong things.
They are doing the same thing with Christianity in the West. See the Pope, Billy Graham, the
faith dealers, etc. So this paper is just more evidence that Islamic extremism isn’t a real thing,
nor has Iran ever been a nuclear threat.

The current Supreme Leader of Iran is Ali Khamenei. Since the Iranian Revolution of 1979
which overthrew the last imperial Shah, there have been two Supreme Leaders: Ruhollah
Khomeini (1979 – 1989) and Ali Khamenei (1989 – present). We pronounce their names the
same in English, and having heard the names frequently throughout my life, I had always
assumed these Iranian leaders were related. When I ask Google if they’re related, I’m told the
names sound very different in the Persian language, and they are both place names referring to
two distant towns where the two Supreme Leaders trace their family roots. Let’s unwind that.
Khamenei means “from Khamaneh”, a town in the Azerbaijan province of Iran, in the northwest.
If you haven’t looked at a map of the Middle East recently, this is the area of Iran that borders
Armenia. Khamaneh is only 80 miles south of the Armenian border. Why is that important?
Because the crypto-Jewish Komnene family that infiltrated all the European thrones are from
Armenia. See Miles’ paper on the Crusades if you don’t know what I am talking about. In fact,
the Komnene’s Byzantine empire at one point encompassed present-day northwest Iran where
Khamaneh is located. That’s fairly strong evidence that the town itself was named in tribute to its
rulers, the Komnenes. The town can also be spelled Khāmneh or Khumna. Is it possible that the
Supreme Leader Khamenei is actually a Komnene? This would mean the mainstream story is
reversing the truth about his name. His family isn’t named for the town; the town is named for
his family.”


From page 5:

“So far, I’ve demonstrated – without more than a few scrolls through Wikipedia – that Iran has
been ruled by Jews since at least the eleventh century, and that all rulers have been, in one way
or another, Komnenes. Before I get to the next chapter – the Pahlavi dynasty – let me briefly
remind you that since the 1979 revolution Iran has been ruled by two leaders whose names are
Khomeini and Khamenei. Knowing what we now know, does it still seem so far-fetched that
these latest rulers might also be Komnenes? Is it really far-fetched to assume that a dynasty that
had been in place for more than eight centuries might still be in place today? I don’t think so.”



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