International Public Notice: Receivership Claim Announcement


Anna Von Reitz

To All to Whom These Presents Come: Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents As detailed in our correspondence with H.E. Cardinal Dominique Mamberti of the Vatican Chancery Court and the respective Justices of the International Court of Justice and the various church, corporation, and administrative officials and officers, we have discovered that:

1. The “President” of the United States is not occupying the intended and rightful Presidential Office, nor is he representing our “United States” but is instead operating as the CEO of a foreign incorporated Municipal Corporation located in the District of Columbia;

2. The purported Kings of both England and Scotland have never actually taken the required Coronation vows to occupy the Sovereign Office on the land and soil of either country, and are instead attempting to operate in the air jurisdiction without standing in the case of Charles III and in the sea jurisdiction without standing in the case of King Charles of Scotland;

3. The Office of the Pope has also been recently and radically changed and redefined in a way that appears to permanently vacate the ministerial office owed to the Roman Catholic Church as a whole, and which leaves Pope Francis operating in an uncontrolled and unstated secular capacity. Each of these manipulative deceitful and ultimately fraudulent misrepresentations of these High Offices of Public and Private Trust appear to be engaged to promote unjust enrichment, power-mongering, and evasion of contractual obligations.

All three circumstances must be addressed and corrected by the respective communities and institutions. Last week, we placed all British Territorial and Municipal Corporations in immediate foreclosure. Without a Sovereign holding the General Jurisdiction on the land and soil there is no standing in Law for the charters and registrations of these corporations, and no protective State Immunity. These corporations owe our American Government and the people of this country a great deal of money, assets, and interest due.

We have thus acted to protect our Fiduciary Interest as well as to protect everyone from lawless corporate interests. We allow that there are some British Corporations created in the earlier history of the British Union and Commonwealth that were properly chartered or registered; however, the lack of a qualified Sovereign standing on the land and soil of England for at least the last seventy and perhaps more years, (See Regina v. JAH) together with the failure of King Charles III to take the appropriate Coronation Vows, leaves no standing for any British Corporation and renders them all, effectively, stateless.

Whereupon we have exercised our position as Preferential Creditors and secured the personnel and assets of all British Territorial and Municipal corporations in general receivership. We recognize the claims of the Hereditary Lord High Steward, Ivan Talbot, retaining the land and soil of England for the Kingdom of England, and will allow for the restoration of its lawful government, and the reinstatement of its corporate functions under the Christian and Constitutional Monarchy.

Pending that outcome we claim full right of disposition and right to discipline all British Territorial and Municipal corporate citizenry on our shores and we require them to abide by the Law of the Land as established by our treaties and contracts on our soil, and to abide by all customary and historical agreements of our lawful governments on the sea and in the air, guaranteeing our peaceful co-existence.

All other nations impacted by these claims are advised to proceed peaceably to restructure their present government into a lawful form of government and to reclaim their own land and soil jurisdiction without further delay. As a first step, individual nationals need to declare and record (not register) their lawful claims to their own Good Names, DNA, and other property interests, including their inherited birth right political status on the land and soil of their native country. This can be done via publication in local newspapers, via our State Assemblies in The United States, or via the Global Family International Land Recording Service. Having re-established and declared their own national origin and identity, individuals are then empowered to restore their lawful governments on the land and soil jurisdiction. Research into each country’s history and customs will be necessary.

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary The United States of America In care of: Box 520994 Big Lake, Alaska 99652 December 26th 2023 —————————- See this article and over 4500 others on Anna’s website here: To support this work look for the Donate button on this website.

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2 Responses to “International Public Notice: Receivership Claim Announcement”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    That snippet about Charles III is very interesting, “together with the failure of King Charles III to take the appropriate Coronation Vows, leaves no standing for any British Corporation”

    This makes sense to me, some of his coronation vows were behind a screen and so not visible to his “subjects” when he was “crowned”. So they are surely invalid? This was glossed over at the time with lots of BS by the controlled media, the BBC leading the way as ever

    Her 3 key points are entirely believable too, I’ve seen similar before. Nothing is as it seems on the surface any more. They are certainly stunning points too, if true

    But it is very hard to believe her assertions at the end about how to overcome all this. It all sounds straightforward, but it’s certainly a lot easier said than done

  2. newensign says:

    Interesting Comments Pete. I agree its difficult to see how the CABAL will leave quietly. I think that is why they are desperate to get a large scale war going as a means to cover up their crimes by causing confusion and removing evidence and witnesses. In the past, when the plot was first conceived in the time of Elizabeth 1st by her courtiers Francis Bacon (the real Shakespeare) and John Dee (original 007) who weaponised our language with dual meaning words instilled in peoples minds with Shakespeare stories acted as plays. The more they are exposed, the more irrational they get the more likely it will be that they will hang themselves on their own petard!!