One Response to “How to create electrical energy and heat from light using laser and Venturi”

  1. Tapestry says:

    He explains how 5G steams water molecules which expand by 1700 X, breaking the hydrogen bonds. That increases the envelope of our atmosphere which then rubs harder against the atmospheres in so-called ‘space’. This makes vast heat causing global warming. Not CO2 as such – which is an expansion of carbonfrom solid or liquid to gas – attracting heat but the expansion of our atmosphere is the problem of microwaves as well as carbon being converted into CO2 causing expansion. It’s the expansion of carbon from solid to gas which is the problem, and 5G which separates water to steam. The expansion of our atmosphere increases the heat in the ionosphere enormously causing massive rainfall and floods in some areas and droughts in others. The only way round the problem is to generate free energy from light using a laser and a venturi splitting the dipoles (fission) and also the fusion when the dipoles rejoin. Roger’s done it in his attic and filmed it. ALl our current ways of making energy from fuels and steam are the problem causing the atmosphere to expand, and 5G is about the same.