Hard to stop Trump

Nikki Haley ‘under immense pressure’ from ‘hard to stop’ Donald Trump ahead of primaries

EXCLUSIVE: Political consultant Dr Louis Perron has warned against the monumental uphill battle ahead of Nikki Haley if she wants to dethrone Donald Trump.


Nikki Haley and Donald Trump

Trump took a landslide victory in the Iowa caucuses, with Nikki Haley coming third (Image: Getty)

Political observers are closely watching the unfolding dynamics of the Republican primary race in the wake of Donald Trump‘s resounding victory in the Iowa caucuses.

With the spotlight now on Nikki Haley and the looming New Hampshire primary, Dr Louis Perron, a political consultant based in Switzerland, offered insights into the current state of the race.

He emphasized that Trump’s victory in Iowa was expected but crucial in setting the tone for the upcoming contests.

Dr Perron stated: “If he wins New Hampshire, he would probably be hard to stop. So in that sense, yes, Nikki Haley is under immense pressure.”

While Iowa was a caucus, requiring physical meetings of party faithfuls, New Hampshire is a primary, involving votes at polling stations.



Speculation still remains around who Trump could pick to be his VP (Image: Getty)

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The open primary format allows even Independents to participate in the Republican primary, potentially favoring Haley, who is seen as a strong challenger.

Dr Perron highlighted the unique dynamics of the primary terrain: “Nikki Haley would have more vulnerabilities, but also more opportunities as she is a real challenger.”

The political consultant suggested that if Trump secures the nomination, it could simplify the Democrats‘ strategy, turning the election into a binary choice rather than a referendum on incumbent President Biden.

The recent withdrawal of Vivek Ramaswamy from the race was seen as a boost for Trump, with speculation that he may have been positioning himself as a potential running mate for the former president.

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One Response to “Hard to stop Trump”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    US Presidential elections are rigged. The last one, when Senile Joe was selected, was particularly egregious, but it’s the norm. Electronic voting machines with no audit trail mean that the fat controllers can now rig the damn things from the comfort of their armchairs. No need for stuffed ballot boxes any more

    As for the “candidates” then Trump is a psyop actor like the rest of them. His “warp speed” covid vaxx of hell told us that, at the very least then, he is owned by big pharma. Nikki Haley is an evil neocon witch who couldn’t win a popularity contest anywhere anytime anyplanet

    It’s no better for the Dems really. JFK is a zionist shill [to be fair they all are] and a Kennedy to boot, one of the US oligarch families. None of the Kennedys are as they seem/seemed, see Mathis for the detail

    If Senile Joe “wins” this time round then we will know that US “democracy” is as dead as a dodo. They can’t be stupid enough to select him again surely?