Geopolitical realities from an astute Russian observer

Dmitry Orlov lived in the US for a decade or more after the collapse of the Soviet Union

He left Russia to avoid the worst of the Russian collapse

Later on he saw which way the wind was blowing in the US, and he saw the progress that Russia was making

So he came back to live in Russia some years ago


He offers here a refreshing and blunt assessment of the condition that the US Empire is in

With some interesting opinions about how things will pan out in the near future

There is a lot to absorb in this fascinating interview so I will randomly will hit 3 of his opinions:


The US left Afghanistan because it could rely on Fentanyl, the synthetic heroin. Fentanyl is cheaper to produce and more addictive than heroin. So win win for the US [and UK based] oligarchs who control the drugs black market


Davos is nothing more than a mutual masturbation club for like-minded, delusional, western “big swinging dicks”. The problem that they have is that they are all impotent, they can’t get it up, so all that they can do is talk [my terminology, he puts it far more elegantly than that]


The US wars around the planet are primarily for profit not victory. The US arms industry is high cost low effectiveness to maximise profits. The Russian arms industry is low cost high effectiveness to win


There is a lot more in the vid