Elections will soon be a quaint relec of the past, AI is the coming King of Democracy

Leo Hohmann – leohohmann.com Jan 16, 2024

World Economic Forum founder and chairman Klaus Schwab showed his true Nazi colors today at Davos, saying that nations will soon no longer need to bother holding “elections” because voters could easily be replaced by artificial intelligence.

AI is more than capable of choosing a nation’s leaders, he said.

Schwab made the bone-chilling comments during a WEF interview with Google co-founder Sergey Brin, which was posted to X by Ezra Levant of Rebel News. Watch this astonishing exchange below:


One thing about technocratic globalists: They aren’t bashful. They speak boastfully as if everyone shares their excitement about all of the death and dehumanization they envision.

During the discussion Schwab and Brin were discussing “digital technologies,” such as AI, and how they could be used to advance the WEF’s globalist agenda.

“So technology now, and digital technology, mainly have an analytical power,” Schwab said as Brin shook his head in the affirmative.

“Now, we go into predictive power and we have seen the first examples. Your company is very much involved in it,” Schwab said, as if to give the little boy wonder from Google a fatherly pat on the back.

Schwab then came with the globalist goods, making a stunning comment that will no doubt be buried by the mainstream media and Google search engines. Schwab said “the next step” for digital technology would be to replace voters with A.I.

“But then the next step could be to go into prescriptive mode, which means you do not even have to have elections anymore because you can already predict,” he said. “And afterward, you can say, why do we need elections? Because we know what the result will be.”

Remember when Yuval Harari, who is Schwab’s top adviser, said a few years ago that in an age of AI humans no longer have free will? That may be what Schwab is referring to here. If AI knows what everyone is thinking and is able to influence people’s choices, at some point literally making all choices for them, then why would we need to even bother with “elections?” The world would, at that point, no longer be populated by humans but by remote-controled transhumans. That’s the ultimate goal of technocrats like Schwab — depopulate the humans and replace them with AI-augmented transhumans.

Western politicians who routinely boast about “defending our democracy” and “human dignity” are over there fawning in front of this anti-human Nazi Klaus Schwab. They could care less about democracy or freedom. Just follow the money! That’s what Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia and the rest of the American dirtbag politicians are over there doing.

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