Donald Trump’s Son-In-Law, Jared Kushner – Is He Proxy President?

U.S. president Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, which we weren’t aware of back in 2016 when Trump first came to power as president. It turns out that billionaire Jared Kushner owns a New York City building called 666 Fifth Avenue.

His Company Lucent (Lucifer) Technologies Inc. conducts research into RFID chips, which are meant to be implanted subcutaneously in the hand.

Incidentally, it was also revealed some time ago that Jared Kushner received sponsorship funding form George Soros to the tune of $259 million dollars.

Some analysts believe Kushner was the actual acting president of the United States. Trump was just his puppet. Even the liberal mainstream media was openly admitting to his power and referring to him as “President Kushner.” He may not be the prophesied Antichrist, but for all intents and purposes he is America’s. “President Kushner owns 666 Building where the Mark of the Beast Chip is Developed,” April 12, 2017.



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4 Responses to “Donald Trump’s Son-In-Law, Jared Kushner – Is He Proxy President?”

  1. Gordon says:

    Interesting Facts.

    660 Fifth Avenue (formerly 666 Fifth Avenue and the Tishman Building) is a 41-story office building on the west side of Fifth Avenue between 52nd and 53rd Streets in the Midtown Manhattan neighborhood of New York City. The office tower was designed by Carson & Lundin and built for its developer Tishman Realty and Construction from 1955 to 1957. (Wikipedia).

    Tishman Realty & Construction Co., Inc. is an American corporation founded in 1898 that owns and develops real estate. The company is known for being the contractor that built the original World Trade Center in New York City. (Wikipedia).

    The building was designed with a prominent 666 address emblazoned on the top. It had a facade of embossed aluminum panels which were originally lit by the “Tower of Light” designed by Abe Feder. (Wikipedia).

    The light fixtures turned 666 Fifth Avenue into what architect Robert A. M. Stern characterized as “a landmark that received wide comment”. The system was capable of 9.7 million candlepower. It was so bright that, from September to November 1959, the system was completely darkened to prevent interference with bird migration. (Wikipedia).

    Kushner Name Meaning
    Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): occupational name from Belorussian kushner ‘furrier’ a word of German origin

    For much of his career, Kushner worked as a real-estate investor in New York City, especially through the family business Kushner Companies. He took over the company after his father Charles Kushner was convicted for 18 criminal charges, including illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering in 2005, although Charles was controversially pardoned by Trump in 2020. Jared met Ivanka Trump around 2005, and the couple married in 2009. He also became involved in the newspaper industry after purchasing The New York Observer in 2006. He was registered as a Democrat and donated to Democratic politicians for much of his life, but registered as Independent in 2009 and eventually as Republican in 2018. He played a significant role in the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign, and was at one point seen as its de facto campaign manager. Around Trump’s election, Kushner divested from his family business, but was frequently accused of conflicts of interest when he profited from policy proposals for which he personally advocated within the Trump administration. (Wikipedia).

  2. newensign says:

    Many thanks Gordon, for digging up all that interesting info on Jared Kushner which confirms Trump’s Presidential Bandwagon’s link to that tribe that has taken over the levers of power in the west.
    Of particular note is that the name means ‘furrier’ in Belorussian which has been a Jewish trade, it was for this reason that one of William the Conqueror’s titles given by his subjects was ‘William the Bastard’ because he was a consequence of his father’s liaison with a furrier’s daughter in Rouen!
    Interesting also that Kushner’s father was indicted on 18 criminal charges which again is the ‘666’ stamp (18 = 3 x 6). Is it ok to put your info in the NE?

    • Gordon says:

      You got some interesting stuff there too Newensign.
      By all means post to the net. As you can see I have stated everything is from Wikipedia so no-one can accuse me plagiarism.
      Kushner translates to 134 as does King Charles III and a whole bunch of strange connections. If you like I can pass it on to you. But getting back to William the conqueror and his defeat of Harold at Hastings the true king of England (now dead) who lived down in Australia was William Hastings. He is survived by his wife Barbara and son and daughter.Yep, it’s a strange ol’ world.

  3. NPP says:

    Donald Trump is probably the best hope in the short term, despite…