Controlling the Food Supply History Repeats Itself


28 JAN 2024

Source: Pile of American bison skulls waiting to be ground for fertilizer, circa 1870. Burton Historical Collection/Detroit Public Library.

It is January 2024. Amish farmers are still being raided, and Bill Gates is buying more US farmland for God only knows what purpose. For nearly a year, The Tenpenny Report has been writing about how the Deep State is trying to starve us, and starve us some more. Food plant fires and avian bird flu are all cleverly disguised, but all have one goal…control over the food supply. However, the COVID era is not the first time this has happened. Far from it. As the saying goes, history does repeat itself.

The Buffalo Killers

In the 1800s, the US government definitely played a role in shaping the fate of Native Americans. How did they do it? The government allowed the decimation of the buffalo herds in the Great Plains. When the buffalo were gone, it was easier to force Native Americans onto reservations. Why? Because their primary food source was gone.

The US government allowed vast overhunting, so much so that the 30 to 60 million buffalo that once roamed the plains were reduced to only about 300 by 1899. It was a breath taking and staggering loss. Thankfully, US conservation groups established a bison reserve in Yellowstone National Park and since then, numbers have rebounded.

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