Cancer is invasion

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Bacteria have enzymes.  These cleanse invaders from your body by speeding up chemical reactions millions of times.  If you have no bacteria, you have no enzymes.  Anti-biotics kill your bacteria.

Each cell in your body contains thousands of different enzymes.  When you have a temperature over 40 degrees C, your enzymes are suppressed.  If bateria goes missing enzymes go missing.

Your body is continually in a battle situation.

You need bacteria in your colon to kill the nasties.  Without bacteria, without enzymes, the invasion starts.

Cancers might not actually spread.  The invaders spread and if your defences are missing the cancer will succeed in invading other areas.  Supplement with pro-biotics is what Roger does.

What bacterias are in the body?

Cancer wants to eat you.

It’s failure of your defences that lats cancer succeed.

So what are the bacteria that need to be in your body.

Distress in your nervous system can upset your gut, where bacteria is generated.

Bacteria needs feeding – pre-biotics.

Autism is an invasion of the nerve fibres which needs enzymes to defeat it.

TAP – do mobile phone signals kill off your bacteria?







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  1. newensign says:

    A good article and Vid. Tap. This just goes to show how the so-called health and safety are making rules that are damaging to our health. The main source of good bacteria was raw milk, but now it has to be pasteurised which the body has difficulty in dealing with and has instead to take calcium from one’s bones which would come from milk. Much fruit is radiated to kill off the bacteria to give it a longer shelf life!