C0VlD l9 hoax goes to court

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On Friday, 5 Jan. 2024, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) agreed to hear the case about whether Donald Trump is eligible for Colorado’s primary ballot. The same day, SCOTUS also began to discuss the merits of another, possibly much more important case: Dan Robert, et al. v. Lloyd J. Austin, III, Secretary of Defense, et al. (Robert v. Austin), filed by a legal team led by Andrew L. SchlaflyTodd CallenderDavid Wilson and Lisa McGee.

Getting this case on the docket with the SCOTUS was in itself a major effort and a monumental achievement. If the Supreme Court agrees to hear the case, and it could be days or weeks before reach that decision, it will be a watershed moment: the first time that the public health response to C0VlD l9 and its grave implications will be challenged in court.

Getting a court hearing matters hugely because this is how we establish incontrovertible truths and set them on record. As Todd Callender put it, courts are the finders of facts: “We are refining the facts; we are refining the questions of law, questions of philosophy, society, God, and we are arriving at our baseline: what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.”

Ultimately, truth is the bedrock of liberty and deception is how liberty is taken from us. Indeed, it is no exaggeration to say that this case should be an epic fact-finding clash between good and evil – the clash in which you too can join the trenches of the freedom fighters (please bear with me and read on).

The three questions

In Robert v. Austin, the petitioners presented the Supreme Court with three carefully formulated questions:

  1. Whether the unlawful implementation of the harmful Covid vaccine mandate in the Armed Services properly evades judicial review based on repeal of the mandate and separation of a service member who is subject to recall to duty.
  2. Whether it is proper and authorized for a court of appeals to engage in fact finding, while going outside of the record, to dismiss service members’ appeal without reaching its merits.
  3. Whether the government may properly force citizens to receive an experimental gene modifying injection, recognized in the medical literature as causing severe adverse effects.

Todd Callender laid out the importance of pursuing these questions in his recent testimony before the Croatian Parliament.

Background and discovery

Mr. Callender has 30 years’ experience practicing law and is the CEO of the free social media platform CloutHub, which is itself a powerful answer to the big tech media monopolies. But what makes Callender’s testimony particularly credible is his extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, working on vaccines and other medical products including MRNA technology, managing their testing and approval process and collaborating with the World Health Organization, Pfizer and many other protagonists of the C0VlD l9 pandemic.

That experience and the research he conducted with a team of other lawyers led to some profound discoveries like the fact that today, much of the world continues to operate under a form of medical Martial Law. In the United States, important parts of the Constitution remain suspended together with the people’s constitutional rights. If unchallenged, this state of affairs could persist indefinitely.

Wait, what? The courts have no jurisdiction???

In May 2020 there were rumblings that 1.4 million US Army service members would be subjected to mandatory MRNA shots. Having been involved in testing of MRNA technology for over 20 years, Mr. Callender understood the danger and immediately sought to obtain a restraining order against the US Defense Secretary to prevent him from ordering the mandatory shots on the grounds that they were experimental.

The filing was served to the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). However, rather than replying to the specific allegations, the DOD and HHS only reacted with a motion to dismiss on the grounds that the court had no jurisdiction. The court agreed and dismissed the case. Mr. Callender moved to appeal this decision, but after more than 6 months of deliberation, the Appellate Court also dismissed the case.

The monolithic and ruthless conspiracy

The fact that the DOD and the HHS declined to contest the case, that they did not bother to present any counter arguments, and that the courts simply abdicated their duty to adjudicate the case was a shocker and a violation of the Constitutional order of the United States of America. How could this be? As Mr. Callender and his collaborators would learn, the C0VlD l9 pandemic, officially declared by President Donald Trump on 13 March 2020 had triggered a medical Martial Law that had been covertly prepared over the last 50 years!

The foundations of this new legal framework had been struck on 10 January 1963 by reading the Communist Manifesto into the Congressional Record and outlining 45 changes that would need to be effected in order to convert the United States into a communist-like, dictatorial system. Incidentally, John F. Kennedy was assassinated in November of that same year, not long after he had warned the American people about the “monolithic and ruthless conspiracy” that sought to enslave every man, woman and child in the United States.

Another significant event that year was the first drafting of the “Report From the Iron Mountain” which, among other things, articulated the ruling establishment’s need for permanent warfare and large-scale destruction of life (depopulation). Authors of the report explicitly advocated for “the reintroduction, in some form consistent with modern technology and political process, of slavery.” I will post a more thorough review of this monstrous report in a future article.

Depopulation agenda and public health dictatorship under One World Government

In September 1994, the United Nations convened an “International Conference on Population and Development” (ICPD) in Cairo, Egypt where delegations from 179 UN member nations and several hundred NGOs agreed to create the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and to adopt a Programme of Action, committing to a radical depopulation agenda aimed at reducing the global population by as many as 7 billion people.

In 2005, the UN adopted the International Health Regulations (IHR 2005) which set out legally-binding “rights and obligations in handling public health events and emergencies” for 196 nations of the world. The groundwork to introduce this legal framework in the US was prepared by stealth through the adoption of the BioShield Act of 2004 and the Turning Point Model health legislation drafted at the John Hopkins University.

The effect of these and other changes is that if the US Secretary of Health and Human Services declares a “Public Health Emergency,” or if the head of the World Health Organization declares a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern,” the US Constitution can be suspended from one day to the next, subjecting the whole nation to a medical Martial Law. Ultimately, this surrenders the nation’s sovereignty to a covert one world government. The World Health Organization would merely be its front, justified by the declared health emergency.

Public health dictatorship is operative today

As of today, the United States is in fact under a public health dictatorship due to the Marburg Pandemic, which was declared on 9 December 2020 and which remains in effect until August 2025. Under this medical Marital Law, a single hierarchy with plenary powers operating under the Department of Defense unites four key functions of the US executive branch:

  • public health,
  • law enforcement (police),
  • corrections (jails) and
  • judiciary (courts)

This is what NSA whistleblower William Binney called the “turn-key totalitarian regime” which has since become operative. It explains why the US DOD and HHS can order courts to dismiss all challenges to its rule and why the courts have abdicated on their duties. It also explains how criminal conspirators like Bill GatesAnthony FauciPeter DaszakFrancis Collins and many others continue to walk free with no fear of prosecution or accountability for their crimes. They have literally granted themselves legal immunity by reengineering the US legal code and suspending the constitutional system of checks and balances.

A new legal basis for slavery?

More disturbingly still, the MRNA shots may have altered people’s genetic code which has important legal repercussions. Namely, further to the 2013 Supreme Court ruling in the Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., gene modified organisms may legally be regarded as synthetic species. Gene modification renders such organisms property of patent holders who own the intellectual property rights over the newly synthesized genes.

The legal implication of that decision is that genetically modified humans could be the property of MRNA technology patent holders or the Defense Health Agency (DHA) which was created under the DOD in 2013 and today has some 6,000 uniformed enforcement officers. Ultimately, the future of liberty is at stake in Robert v. Austin. As Todd Callender put it:

“…the real issue that must be addressed is … can trickery be used to genetically modify a person, creating IP rights (ownership) in genetically modified people – can they be turned into vaxx slaves?  Our government thinks so. They refused to deny my allegation for almost three years – they never answered our pleadings – just filed … motions to dismiss.  They know we have all the facts and science.  They know they cannot prevail in court.  So, they’re fighting for their lives to keep our case (the ONLY one alleging this) out of court.  We had a [source] in the pentagon and we knew that the SecDef’s morning briefing started with our lawsuit – it was the single most important agenda item on his radar.  Why!?!”

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance, and liberty is today under a frontal attack today.

We can and will kill this beast by a million cuts

This state of affairs will persist and metastasize if it is not challenged. The monolithic and ruthless conspiracy may be too big for any one legal team, institution, or even government to defeat, but it will crumble under the weight of a mass awakening, mass mobilization and millions of individual acts of noncompliance.

This is now our struggle. We did not ask for it and we did not start it, but we can and must finish it, for it will define whether we allow the ruthless conspirators to enslave our children as they explicitly planned to do, or whether we will leave for them a better tomorrow. This struggle is today, and it is mine and yours as much as it is Callender’s, McGee’s, Schlafly’s and Wilson’s.

We need not have illusions that the US Supreme Court will rule in our favour and that all our rights and liberties will be magically restored. This will not happen, but we must destroy this conspiracy with a hundred million acts of friction, by noncompliance and by demanding the truth. The friction we generate will quickly turn into a tsunami-like force that can overpower and demolish anything in its path. This, in fact, is how the 2020 vaccine mandates were defeated.

How the MRNA mandates were defeated

After the DOD and the HHS failed to reply to Todd Callender’s case and the courts dismissed it, he and his partners reached out directly to the service members of the US Defence Department. As Todd Callender put it, “we papered the hell out of the DOD and this is what stopped them.” The story should be a massive boost for our determination and courage. From Todd Calender:

“…our template drafting was for the whole US DOD and we helped people from every branch, including Space Force and civilian DOD employees file their claims – criminal, administrative and exemptions.  We not only drafted the templates, but we helped refine them and cite them with legal authority – then those people in every branch developed working groups and little schools or symposiums to help others.  In the end, it grew into an unstoppable organic explosion of service members finding their courage to stand against the machine and say “NO!”  It became a subtle but clear refusal to follow an illegal order, which they ALL understood correctly to be their right as a military or civilian service member.

They did it so perfectly and legally that the DOD leadership could not declare it a revolt as they would have liked – because that would have given them the power to punish.  They tried anyway and we went to court for several of our clients – courts martial and otherwise. A couple of times the pentagon sought to grab clients and throw them in psych wards to prove their power and scare the rest. It didn’t work.  We won even when we lost because the service members had already found the courage to see their decisions through.

It took one soldier to stand – and unfortunately, I was the only lawyer licensed to bring the case – the first year I prepared to fight to the death every night I took the garbage out or end to work.  Dan Robert (plaintiff #1) was in the same boat and lost his wife from the stress.  In the end 400,000 service members (military and civilian) stood and said no – from E-‘s to O-6’s and one general who requested our help through his wife – even a few LEO’s in DOD (special agents).”



It’s, “all hands on deck” moment for humanity!

Robert v. Austin could prove a nuclear truth bomb in this struggle which is why I am concluding this article with an explicit request for your support and involvement. I have reached out to Todd Callender to ask him what we can do to help their case get the hearing at the Supreme Court. His answer, word for word:

“Yes! Have people call their political representatives and ask about the case and their position on it. People have called the Supreme Court to ask questions, like what they’re doing, whether they’re going to hear it and whether they understand the issues before them.  This happened in the Trump contests and didn’t seem to have any benefit.  At the end of the day, the political people who get voted in and out are the ones that can mess with the Justices, so pressure on them is the place to apply it. If people were to flood the congress with questions about whether they are owned because they got the shots, congress would have to deal with it. …”

Please do this and if you have a way of encouraging others to do it by sharing this article or sharing the contact information of your representatives in Congress and in US Senate, in the military and law enforcement, please do that too. Polite, yet firm grassroots pressure on policymakers can alter the outcome just as it defeated the MRNA vaccination mandate under the DOD. Not only ours, but our children’s and their children’s future is at stake. If we act, if we respond in large numbers, we will slay the beast. In fact, there can only be two ways for us to lose this struggle: either by passively acquiescing or by falling for misdirection bait.

Beware the China misdirection

The five-decades of legal preparations, laying the groundwork for medical Martial Law and One World Government dictatorship provides important circumstantial evidence about who the ultimate culprits are, and also who they are not. The list of prime suspects includes members of the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, as well as many western NGOs, foundations and Big Pharma corporations. While certain Chinese entities clearly played a role in the recent C0VlD l9 pandemic, their part in the whole conspiracy was minor.

We should therefore be careful not to fall for misdirection propagated by certain circles who, in framing the “CCP” as the main culprit are whitewashing the role of Western oligarchies who are clearly the ultimate conspirators.

Throughout history, ruling oligarchies have reached for the “barbarians at the gate” alarm to foment foreign wars and misdirect the population’s grievances toward a foreign enemy. Today we know that western ruling establishments are planning to bring about a major war against China, and that much of the information about China and the “CCP” that percolates from hundreds of think tanks through mass media and social media networks is deliberately spun, distorted and contrived to demonize Chinese leadership and orchestrate a devastating war.

One of the most dangerous insinuations in this sense is that the “CCP” has been running the whole biological warfare show through the World Health Organization. But the WHO’s largest paymasters by far are western governments and private foundations. China only provides about 0.69% of the WHO’s budget. Here’s who funded the WHO just before the C0VlD l9 pandemic agenda was unleashed:

As with all criminal conspiracies, who pays the piper calls the tune. We will identify the conspiracy’s origin not by following ideology or propaganda, but by following the money. The most tragic mistake and the greatest gift to the ruthless conspirators behind the cascading pandemic hoaxes would be to shed the blood of our children in fighting the wrong enemy.

I am deeply grateful to Todd Callender for his help in drafting this article and for his and his legal team’s courageous struggle against the slithering conspiracy. Let us all become a cavalry of millions to make sure they are not alone. Together we will prevail!

Source: https://alexkrainer.substack.com/p/c0vld-l9-hoax-goes-to-court


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  1. newensign says:

    Its amazing Pete, how many well funded attempts to prosecute the authorities responsible for deaths caused by their “pandemic” policies have failed for various reasons both here in the UK, Europe and America. So I hope this lot have better luck. We even have the fake “GB alternative news” pushing dangers of the vaccines, which I think is phycological, because everyone is speaking about it, people assume the perpetrators will be brought to book!

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes newensign, I thought the same when I posted this. Good luck but I won’t hold my breath