World government overrides UK laws. So Leave the UK and re-form England’s Common Law legal system.

Jeff Taylor hits it on the nail.  Parliament is being overridden by judges ignoring Parliament’s will.  The Supreme Court is no such thing with rights of appeal from there to the European Court.  Judges can hold that the effects of Parliament’s words are unthinkable – teleological decision making – not interpretation of Parliament’s actual words.  In other words, the laws of Parliament hold lower authority than the opinion of a  judge, appointed politically.

TAP – My English Democrat derived solution is to start from scratch as an independent England, reforming the legal system again from scratch and basing it on the Common Law system where judges have to abide by precedent, and can only change legal outcomes by defining different circumstances from earlier cases, and demonstrating that these are substantially not the ones before previous judges.

This system of legalistic analysis can always be challenged on appeal, until the case reaches the Law Lords, the highest court in the land, run by the best legal minds available, with no preset political bias controlled by those appointing the judges.   If Wales and Scotland were to achieve similar independence and detach their legal systems from international courts (Scotland has a different legal tradition to England and Wales as it is), we would form a Council Of Britain to maintain a common approach to law making and maintenance of independence from international bodies.  All treaties entered into illegally by the former United Kingdom would be nullified.  Money would be issued by the state as well as by bankers promissory notes, and people would have the freedom to buy and hold precious metal tax free, shielding them from the effects of inflation.  That would all take about five minutes to enact.  We first need a political movement to free us from the United Kingdom which has given away our sovereignty illegally, breaking the terms of the Union.  It is already an illegal body.  Join the movement for a referendum to free England and get back our original country.