WHO treaty. Governments lie. Denial their only hope.

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live-blogged the House hearing of Brad Wenstrup’s committee yesterday for Childrens Health Defense. I had a bad feeling about the hearing beforehand: the only witnesses were high USG officials/diplomats from the Departments of State, HHS and USAID: John Nkengasong, PhD; Loyce Pace, MPH and Atul Gawande, MD. I used to be a big fan of Atul Gawande when he wrote inspired pieces in the New Yorker on how to save patients with cystic fibrosis and why medical costs were sky-high in some locales. He has sadly morphed into a globalist tool now. Why did he jump from a Harvard/Brigham endocrine surgeon (and Rhodes scholar—hmmm… and MacArthur genius grantee, renowned writer and pundit to a lowly mouthpiece for the cabal? On the way he worked for several billionaires and perhaps acquired a taste for bigger and better things?

In June 2018, he was named the CEO for the new, Boston-based company, Haven Healthcare, formed by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.[28] He stepped down from the position in May 2020, remaining as executive chairman while the organization sought a new CEO.[29] In January 2021, Haven announced that it was to cease operations.

I had promised to avoid sarcasm and simply relay what was happening at the hearing. Well, I could not keep my promise, which luckily was not made under oath, while the lies these witnesses spewed were made under oath. The statements, questions and answers were so wrong-headed, there was so much prevaricating, and worst of all, repetition of misleading talking points at least 6 times, I simply could not contain myself.

The biggest lie, repeated over and over in the hallowed halls of Congress and the Australian Parliament, was that there is no-zero-zip-nada transfer of sovereignty if the WHO’s proposed IHR amendments and pandemic treaty pass. The witnesses were very careful to avoid the word treaty, using about six other words instead to obfuscate what the Congressional Research Service (CRS) has already said was a treaty according to international law, yet the Biden CRS in 2022 waffled nonetheless:

“Although an executive agreement is a type of treaty from an international law perspective, it does not qualify as a treaty for purposes of the US Constitution’s treaty clause, which requires senate advice and consent.”

The witnesses would not commit to having either document reviewed by the US Senate, as required by the Constitution but ignored by all and sundry, it seems.

The members did not appear to know what was in the documents. If the witnesses knew, they acted witless and did a great job disguising their knowledge. Loyce Pace claimed toward that end that she had some “transparency” into the workings of the IHR negotiations. But she went no further, and only made that claim to dispute the assertion that the negotiations are hidden. Hidden from us, but not from her, it seems.

I was going to go into detail about the hearing, but there is really no point in doing so. The hearing was held to blame China for the pandemic and coverup of COVID’s origin, and to assert that a stronger WHO would hold China accountable “when, not if, there is another pandemic.” There was no discussion (except by Marjorie Taylor Greene) of what was actually in the document drafts available to us, and there was considerable effort to disguise what the documents were meant to do.

Just another day inside the Beltway…


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