WHO can’t cheat their way to global dominance.

Is the WHO’s house of cards collapsing?

All it needs are a few more sparks to start a conflagration. James and I discuss how to set fire to the WHO’s elaborate shenanigans to wrap the world up in bow and gift it to the cabal for Christmas.



The problem for the WHO and the cabal behind it is that they couldn’t even follow their own regulations. They can’t cheat their way to global dominance.

Description: Dr. Meryl Nass returns from 27 days of international advocacy to catch up with James Corbett on evidence of the WHO’s house of cards is collapsing worldwide. It’s no wonder that countries like Slovakia, Estonia, Romania, New Zealand, South Africa + more are rejecting the IHR amendments amid the WHO’s December deadline, “It’s the perfect system of control .. This story is so horrendous, all it needs is a few sparks in the right place, and the fire will come.” After all — would YOU give a blank check to an organization with no accountability?

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One Response to “WHO can’t cheat their way to global dominance.”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    “WHO can’t cheat their way to global dominance”. No they can’t! Cheats always lose in the end

    “Is the WHO’s house of cards collapsing?”. Yes it is, countries are slowing this down. And no wonder, they will lose any semblance of “independence” if they comply. I presume that all the Empires totally owned colonies will comply, but what about the rest? Let’s hope that they grow a pair