There are no hostages in Gaza

File this one under “they aren’t even trying”. I have been telling you this whole war in Israel is staged, with no one killed and no one kidnapped by Hamas. I know because I know Hamas doesn’t exist. It isa fictional group manufactured by Israeli intelligence and CIA just for times like this, when they need eyes off other things. Same as the old PLO, same as Hezbollah, same as Isis, same as Al Qaeda. More war theater.

[December 10: Don’t believe me? The New York Times has now admitted Israel is funding Hamas.]

Well, today, the four-year-old girl above, Abigail Mor Edan, was allegedly the first American hostage released by Hamas.
There she is right after her release, after 50 days of being starved by her Hamas captors. Both her parents were killed right in front of her face, their bloody corpses landing on top of her. But there she is, giggling with her aunt and uncle. Kids are just amazing aren’t they? Starve them for 50 days and you can’t even tell. They are telling us she has psychologically disassociated from the event. Yeah, I bet. Not hard to do when it never happened.

The problem is, researchers soon discovered she just happened to be the niece of one of Hunter Biden’s art buyers, a lady named Elizabeth Hirsch Naftali. Naftali was appointed by Biden himself to the US Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad.  Commenters in the alternative press are howling about how crazy this is, but they are still missing the point, of course on purpose. They are implying Abigail got special treatment due to her connections to
the Biden family, but that is a misread. The correct reading isn’t difficult, and it is that this whole thing was a set-up. Abigail was never kidnapped, they just tapped her family—who are diplomats—to agree to the story she was. The whole thing is an obvious fake. These people lie for a living and we have caught them at it a million times.

I mean, where was this girl supposed to have been kidnapped from?
Are we supposed to believe she was hanging out at the Peace Rave on the border of Gaza?
Yes, that is the story. Her parents were allegedly killed there. Do we have any documentation of that, like death certs? Of course not. In these new stories they don’t even tell us the names of the parents. They are Roy and Smadar Edan. Roy Edan is a photojournalist working for YNET, which is of course another red flag. No one has ever explained why these photojournalists were working this rave, which
was not newsworthy. However, I remind you that we have already discovered these photojournalists at the rave were actually embedded with Hamas [see Jordan Schachtel at Substack]. Does that include
Roy Edan? We aren’t told. But if so, you should ask yourself why this Jewish photojournalist, with close ties to Hunter Biden, would be embedded with Hamas as they attacked Israel.
Anyway, these Naftalis are very rich people, the aunt being a hugely wealthy real estate mogul and philanthropist in Los Angeles, donating large sums to the Democratic party. So I would assume they have houses all over the world where they can hide out. And here’s a question no one is asking: are these Naftalis related to Naftali Bennett, recently Prime Minister and before that Special Forces in the
IDF? My guess is yes, which would explain a lot.

Here’s something else that hasn’t come up anywhere else I looked: Elizabeth Naftali, 59, isn’t just from LA, she is more specifically from West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Studio City. Which means she has close ties to Hollywood. Her father was Stanley Hirsch, also of Studio City, who died in 2003 at age 76. He was Jewish Federation President, United Jewish Fund Chair, and publisher of the Jewish
Journal, as well as being a rich mogul involved in everything, including real estate and dry goods. So again, it is a big red flag to see his great-niece involved in this fake in Israel right now. Hirsch was also Navy. In this family we also link to Steve Hirsch, 61, of McLean, VA, so possibly CIA. In support of
that, we do find a Steve Hirsch, CIA, at LinkedIN. Didn’t know the CIA listed itself at LinkedIN. He looks too young in his picture to be 61, but he has been CIA for 28 years, so it is probably an old pic.
Elizabeth’s husband was apparently Yehuda Naftali, also of Studio City. He founded BIG shopping centers in the US in 1993, though they are headquartered in Israel. It took over AFI properties in 2019.
Plus, the US Commission for the Preservation is just another CIA front itself. The Intelligence community has always had thousands of these fake organizations it can hide behind, famously including missionaries, Peace Corps, UNESCO, USAID, archaeologists, chess players, and every other organization you could think of. The spook communities numbers in the tens of millions and they are
everywhere. So the fact this first released hostage just happened to be from a family of
diplomats/spooks should be the reddest flag imaginable. But somehow only I am reading it in the logical way.
The US Commission for Preservation has strong Jewish links, since it was formed on August 8, 1985, in response to the Holocaust, to seek out and protect Jewish interests abroad. So you can already see
how it is a front organization. The current Chair is Star Jones, so again you have to laugh.If you don’t know, she is an actress formerly on The View. I guess she is half-  Jewish somehow. When she isn’t chairing this CIA front organization (I mean the US Commission for Preservation, not The
View. . . though it could be either one), she is now heading up Divorce Court as their lead arbitrator.  Oivay Caramba! She was also on Celebrity Apprentice.
Some sites are now reporting officials in Israel are admitting there was a stand-down, with Israel allowing Hamas to attack. But they still selling the idea that the attack was real and not staged. So you
are given two “opposite” stories, but as usual they are both false. The truth is behind door number
three: it was all theater. Same thing for the tunnels beneath the hospital in Gaza, where Hamas is
allegedly headquartered. That is supposed to explain why Israel targeted a hospital, which would
normally be out-of-bounds. Some alternative sites are now admitting the footage of those tunnels was
heavily edited. What they aren’t admitting is that those tunnels you see aren’t anywhere near the
hospital, but rather are Israelitunnels they are touring and telling you belong to Hamas. The IDF has
miles of tunnels in Israel, and we don’t have any proof these aren’t their own tunnels. They don’t even
bother to plant evidence they are Palestinian, just telling you they are. As usual, they figure you won’t
ask any questions. Just edit out the Mikvehs and move on.
Addendum December 11: Check this out from today’s news:
How sick are these people? This is how they are continuing to sell the fake in a Tel Aviv fashion show,
which includes models who allegedly took part in the Peace Rave where many were killed. That girl,
Jessica Elter, was allegedly on the phone with her husband when he was killed by Hamas. Her fake
wound there allegedly matches the death wound of her husband. Even if this were real, it would be
sick beyond all words; but since it is based on a fake event it is even sicker. You really can’t plumb the
depths of depravity these people live in on a daily basis.
Addendum December 12: Another video from Israel is now being admitted to have been staged by
their military, since it comes in two versions. Their CGI guys forgot to create continuity. In it we are
supposed to be seeing Hamas fighters who have surrendered, but who have for some reason been
stripped to their underwear and filmed. This is actually the second incident of this sort I have seen, and
they don’t seem to be from the same event. I guess this is for the benefit of Israeli women, who have
been hard up since the start of Covid. But the alternative press is again misreading it on purpose, using
it as proof the Israeli army is humiliating or “dehumanizing” average Palestinian men and boys just for
fun. Obviously that isn’t what is going on. If it is staged, there is no reason for that part of it to be real.
If it is staged, that means they just hired these guys to strip down. It is all no more than theater. For
most Modern guys being seen in their underwear isn’t particularly humiliating, otherwise they would
never go swimming; and I see nothing going on here that is humiliating in any way. Nothing that
wouldn’t be very easy to stage by handing out a few $50s.

Proof there are no Hostages in Gaza
by Miles Mathis
First published November 27, 2023

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