The long plan to bury democracy in the US

Ron Paul – “He won the hand count by a landslide but got buried by the computers”

This is just a part of the long plan to bury democracy using media and computers. On paper, we once
had the beginnings of a fairly sound system. If we had continued to strengthen it we might have been
able to fend off tyranny. Instead the movement has all been in the other direction.

The Constitution is universally ignored by our rulers, and voting has become more and more of a sham. It is now just a meaningless facade. Back in 2000 they got rid of real polling, since polling not only showed how real people were thinking, it showed up their election steals. That is when we first clearly saw the huge discrepancies between exit polling and results, proving they were stealing elections with computers.

Soon after we began to see the same problems with caucuses versus primaries, since caucusing was done with hand counts on the floor by humans, while primaries were done with compromised computers. The results should have matched fairly closely, but we saw they didn’t match at all, usually being polar opposite. As we saw with Paul, who was said to have gotten 6% in the primary vote, but 74% in caucus. He won the hand count by a landslide but got buried by the computers. Another thing that most states and localities have done to stifle democracy is to get rid of write-ins. Write-ins were considered an important feature of democracy from the beginning, which is why the
rulers have had to jettison them. In a time of massive vote fraud like now, write-ins would be a powerful tool to drive around it, so they had to be phased out. They don’t want people doing anything with pens and paper, since that is a verifiable expression of the people’s will. They want everything done on computers, which they can hack and rewrite later, with no paper trail.

I still believe that paper on write-ins is one of the most powerful papers I have ever written, but it has gotten zero traction. I got very few comments on it at the time and almost none since then, though it has been up since 2008. Of course Google delisted it immediately, and probably all the other search engines, which partially explains that, but it can’t be explained by that alone. The lack of traction is finally explained, I think, by the crushing complacency of the average voter, who can’t be woken from his slumber by the biggest stick. Any answer or solution that requires even the tiniest bit of self motivation or personal responsibility or inconvenience or stepping out of line will not be considered.

Most people seem completely unaware that according to the Constitution THEY are the government, and must be involved in governing themselves. This is a government by WE  THE PEOPLE. If they cede that responsibility to governors, expecting all problems to be solved by an unelected class of mandarins, then they have thereby facilitated tyranny. If you do not govern yourself, someone else will, which is already tyranny. If you are fine with someone telling you what to every minute of the day, go on as you were, since you will enjoy the future more and more.

But if not, you had better begin governing yourself, starting by fully exercising all your Constitutional, inalienable, and God given rights. You should tell all these unelected officials, both local and international, to take a flying leap. You should refuse all illegal “mandates”. You should not comply, you should resist, you should push back, and you should refuse to fund your own enslavement, by all means possible. The primary way of doing that is to just say no. I PREFER NOT TO. I prefer not to buy that product I do not need. I prefer not to take that drug. I prefer not to wear that mask. I prefer not to work for corrupt and evil companies. I prefer not to fund that fake war. I prefer not to give you that money. I prefer not to believe those lies about serial killers or mass murderers or AI. I prefer to drive around fake news completely and live a real life.”

Pete: No constitution here in UK that confers such clear rights on you. But we ALL have “inalienable, and God given rights”. Every human that is alive has those rights as soon as they are born




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