The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 312 – Home – Less – [1:47:31]


In this video i want to speak about WHAT “A” FINAL RESULT of PERSECUTION and AFFLICTION awaiting the GOOD “SOIL” PEOPLE of God always has been and ALREADY IS now in increasing measure. The GREAT temptation to AVOID PERSECUTION and SUFFERING for Jesus and the Word of God will remain until the end. As i have WARNED in many videos, we have been in a SLO – MO tribulation with the THREAT of contingent AFFLICTION and PERSECUTION waiting in the wings and indeed “growing” day by day for ALL TRUE BELIEVERS. My WARNING is this. Do NOT “Capitulate” to the demands of the Beast World Government ORDERS no matter how extreme the Temptation may be. Our lives are in God’s hands and NOT ours. Maybe the most FEARFUL “FINAL” result of Tribulation and Persecution for most Christians is that of HOMELESSNESS – NOT having a home of their own. The idea of HOME today is synonymous with that of STABILITY, SAFETY and SECURITY.



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