The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 311 – Babylon Hive Pt F – [2:12:50]


This message is closely tied to Video No.289 titled, “Empire Of The World” and the recent 5 video Babylon series. If you haven’t listened to those messages then i urge you to do so. You will begin to understand where we are and how DARK the world really is. Any suggestion of Sovereign Nations, Democracy, the FREE World and uncensored INDIVIDUALISM today is just pure nonsense! This is the talk of IGNORANT MINDS. In recent years we have heard instead terms that refer to GROUPS and NOT INDIVIDUALS. Terms like LEGION, HIVE, ZOMBIE, CLUSTER, MOB, GANG, BORG, MATRIX, SWARM, SPAWN and HERD. This is NOT accidental but clever predictive programming through cultural productions and in particular Hollywood movies.



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