2 Responses to “The Government is bought and paid for.”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Yes Ian, all governments are owned lock stock by Pfizer and co, and their big money men

    That was very clear during the scamdemic when they all acted in lockstep. Apart from the odd one, like Tanzania. And they are probably owned now after the President was murdered during the scamdemic for speaking the truth

    But Maudant was obviously prepared for Bridgen’s question. How would that be? How would she know what he was going to say? Is this all just theatre?

    Finally, I’m looking at David 2’s post about Steve Kirsch, less than halfway through. It is absolutely excellent but very tough:

    It is devastating because it proves that they all KNOW that Bridgen is speaking the truth that the covid “vaccinations” are lethal and should be banned immediately. Maudent included no doubt. These criminals should swing on the gallows

    • ian says:

      Yes Pete, I agree. I suspect that the politico/media etc and their families will be given very high credit scores not requiring the vaxx etc etc, if they play the game, and will likely have been made aware of what’s to befall us humble useless eaters.

      I don’t think they’ll face official punishment, but will need protection when the masses awake.

      I watched quite a bit of the film David posted and yes, it’s excellent. I’ll watch it in full now. Thanks.