Stay Free If You Lie. Prison if you tell the truth.

By Frank Bergman December 5, 2023

A New Zealand government whistleblower is now facing up to seven years in prison after being arrested for going public with data exposing the country’s mass deaths among the Covid-vaccinated population.

As Slay News has been reporting, Barry Young, a lead database administrator for New Zealand’s public health ministry, Te Whatu Ora, leaked explosive secret government data on the death rates of people who have received Covid mRNA shots.

Identifying himself as “Winston Smith,” Young released data showing that vast numbers of vaxxed New Zealanders are now dead.

The whistleblower exposed official government data that shows the nation’s spike in excess deaths is associated with the Covid injection campaign.

According to the statistician whistleblower’s explosive official data, more than 20% of the nation’s citizens have now died after receiving their Covid mRNA shots.

Like many other countries around the world, New Zealand has suffered an unprecedented spike in excess deaths over the past two years.

Due to strict mandates and heavy government pressure during the Covid pandemic, the vast majority of the New Zealand population is fully vaccinated.

Official data shows that 95.8% of the eligible New Zealand population aged 12 and over have received one dose of the Covid mRNA shots.

While a staggering 94.7% of the eligible New Zealand population aged 12 and over are considered to be fully vaccinated.

After his whistleblowing went viral around the world, Young’s home was raided by authorities and he was arrested, as Slay News reported.

Young disclosed the government data during an interview with investigative journalist Liz Gunn.

Shortly after his disclosure, Gunn reported that Young had been raided by the police on Sunday.

According to James Freeman on radio station TNT, Young is now facing up to 7 years in prison.

On Sunday, Gunn put out an “emergency call” to say that Young’s home had been surrounded by police for hours.


The New Zealand government health agency, Te Whatu Ora, has been granted an injunction that “prevents any publication of the data” leaked by Young.

The agency alleges that Young has had all of his access to the project’s system removed.

Young was charged with accessing a computer system for “dishonest purposes.”

According to legal experts, the charge carries a maximum penalty of seven years in prison.

Young was released on bail on Monday.

However, police said they would be opposing his release on bail because of the risk he could continue to spread “misinformation.”

TNT Radio Chat’s James Freeman reported that the reason he needs “protecting” is because of the significance of the data set that Young leaked.

While many initially attempted to argue that Young’s data leak was fabricated, the fact that he has been arrested for publishing the information only confirms its authenticity.



9 Responses to “Stay Free If You Lie. Prison if you tell the truth.”

  1. ian says:

    If it had been that the deaths were mistakes, then the governments would admit the fact openly and try to make sure it was dealt with. That they are hiding it and still giving the useless “at improving your health, but good at killing people and implanting ID chips in the rest” jabs, would indicate that our world is now controlled by a predatory parasitical self proclaimed murdering elite.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes Ian, nail on the head

      Kirsch was explicit in the Alex Jones vid that David posted. Kirsch says that Young has done something UNIQUE. He is the first person EVER to release baseline data on vaccines. Why would that be, why is the data secret? I think all here know why

      Kirsch also says that ALL vaccines, for which he has seen baseline data, show a similar story. But that it is particularly egregious with the covid “vaccine” as revealed by Barry Young. For most vaccines then, the baseline data is STILL secret

      What more does anyone need to know?

      • David 2 says:

        The answer lies in understanding DNA. Only living organisms have a DNA, corporations are artificial intelligence they do not have a DNA.

        The mRNA is designed to modify the DNA of people, plants, animals, etc.

        We are perfect creations of a perfect Universe, it is our DNA.

        Alter the DNA of a human and they create a cyborg, which is a cyber created organism. A cyborg is sterile and cannot reproduce. It is a once off creature created by mRNA and governed by artificial intelligence (corporate governance)

        Very frightening as its end Homo sapiens.

  2. ian says:

    I agree with you Pete and David. It couldn’t get any clearer that we are ruled over be people who despise us, and want to destroy us. I just learned today, the wife of my best mate of nearly 70 years, has developed cancer. Both are fully vaxxed, I tried, I tried, and we had a handbags at five yards barney about it, but after the dust settled, we’re good again. The b4stards are killing good people everywhere, while they dine on organic foods and wines at their kiddy shagging parties. Disturbing AF.

  3. Belyi says:

    Last Christmas, I contacted someone I haven’t seen for ages and she told me that she and her husband had been too ill to participate in anything.

    She added that she didn’t understand why because they were both jabbed to the hilt!!! I didn’t enlighten her because the damage has been done and she would either be terrified or, more likely, pass over what I had to say.

  4. ian says:

    On a different tack. The headline really explains Western life though more dramatically than normal. Keep your job and normal life if you lie, lose it quite often if you tell the truth. I am different, always have been. I have lost many jobs by telling the truth. I was never sacked, but they don’t need to sack you, they can sideline you, they can give you all the crap to do, and generally get rid of you. It plagued me, and I’m not proud of it, but a lot that seems to come naturally to most other folk didn’t come naturally to me. I could do every job I had indeed some of them really well. I was even told by an ex workmate that I was the best problem solver in the tooling department, but I upset one lady by telling her the truth, and here’s your cards pal.

    It just dawned on me that the Doctors saying nothing, and those not involved but complicit in the media, government etc are just the same as those workmates who have plenty to say but only when the boss isn’t about. I do hope that this makes sense and doesn’t come across as gobblediegook.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes it makes total sense Ian, you are correct there I’m sure

      Doctors are not stupid, in the main. So how else to explain their almost total compliance with the mounds of obvious lies during covid? They mostly MUST have known that they were lying too with their redefinitions of words like “pandemic”, “vaccine” and even “death certificate”. They saw the gerrymandering first hand, so how could they NOT know

      ps In my long experience then, “going along to get along” is a normal human reaction. I’ve done that too many times to count myself, I had a fairly high threshold. But there were clear lines in my mind that I would NEVER ever cross. Doing harm to others was one of those lines, probably THE most important of them all [Natural Law]. So it was stunning for me to see so many doctors cross that line, utterly devastating tbh. The covid scam was massively educational, I learned such a lot about my fellow Brits during that time. By no means all of it good

      • ian says:

        Again, I totally agree Pete. I’d read about the Spanish flu, but it seemed so odd that the medical profession went along with it, but now we know. As for the masses, TV is God. Terrified, desperate for jabs, they were queueing up, and many still will, esp the older ones with no interest in the internet. TV and the Sun or the Mirror are the controllers of many.