What do you make of the Prague massacre?  I haven’t seen any alternative analysis as yet, but two things (at least) seem odd.  How can they photograph the man shooting on the roof balcony and yet not have police ready to act?  Don’t the Police have guns in Prague?  The kids sitting on the masonry on the roof look odd.  If it was me I would run and keep running, not act like a duck and line up.  In all the footage, no blood.  No bodies even blurred and no wounded.  The Police look too relaxed.  The staff who were interviewed gave rational answers but showed no emotion.  The shooter as usual is dead and can’t be interviewed.  Lots of bangs were recorded, but no evidence of the results of the shooting.  Who was he shooting at when up on the roof?  Why didn’t the cameraman/person swing the camera to take a look?

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13 Responses to “Prague”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    As soon as I saw the headlines then I thought, “another false flag for some reason, I wonder why the Czech Republic?”

    When I saw that the shooter had shot himself then that confirmed it in my mind. The shooters usually “die” in false flags. It’s much easier that way, an alive shooter means expensive follow up like false trials etc

    • newensign says:

      I agree Pete, its just another drama acted out to keep people fearful with a subliminal message that guns are dangerous. Its dangerous for the government if the people can defend themselves! another pantomime to keep people fearful over Christmas!!! Having a merry Christmas is the last thing the government wants us to have!

  2. John says:

    It’s always the same MO. A reporter just happened to be there. Someone captured it on their mobile phone. The media back story is always ready to go. The lonely child. Fascination with guns. Pulled the legs off of spiders etc. etc. etc. They were doing it in ancient Greece and Rome and they’re still doing it. We’re being played and gas lighted on a massive scale and energetic changes happening are threatening the control system. Expect much more of it in the coming months.

  3. John says:

    On another point. It looks to me like many leaders, politicians and celebrities are imposters at the moment. I’m seeing it everywhere. The latest pics of Meghan Markle look to me like someone is playing her part. Or several somebodies. In close up photos the mouth always gives it away. We are being massively deceived.

  4. newensign says:

    Yes I agree John, they have also been using physical doubles as well – there was more than one Churchill and Hitler. It is even more simpler now with digital technology and Ai. not to mention mind control through frequencies.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes I agree John and newensign

      Markle has been a fiction from the start, a confected character with a deeply suspect and nonsensical back story. Chris Spivey, the foul mouthed tattoo artist from Southend, wrote a book about her a few years back, which I bought and read. She’s always been played by an actress, maybe actresses. Ginger nuts plays a role too. We’ve no idea about the actual reality of any of them have we

      Spivey also did lots of work on all sorts of Royal photographs, including plenty “official” photos. He showed that the large majority of them used photoshop. If they were kosher then why, would they need to do that?

      Given that we now know for certain that we are in the Deepfake era then, how can we trust ANY image anymore? Particularly one released by the usual suspects

      Rich Hall’s tagline is something like “Don’t believe any thing that you hear, and only half of what you see”. But which half? How to tell?

  5. newensign says:

    Thanks Pete and John for reminding me of Chris Spivey, I remember him from a long time back and thought his site had been taken down. He certainly came up with some good information – but a pity about his foul language as you say. He blew the whistle on Princess Diana being an actor – and that events and politics is a pantomime to keep us distracted from true reality!!

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      His original site was memory holed newensign, the current site doesn’t contain most of his best work. He was ordered by a judge to take it down

      He was particularly good about the Woolwich false flag too. He clearly showed that Drummer Rigby was another made up character. The “trial” of the so called perps, who were probably agents, being a complete farce. It was the first time that I realised that they could put on a “trial” in a completely false Crown Court. A real eye opener for me

      The local social services later tried to attack him via his grandson who was living with him at the time. Wanted to take him into “Care”. His daughter had to move out to protect the child. He was a big loss when he “retired”. I don’t think that his health is too good now

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes newensign his Princess Diana work was stunning too. Another fictitious character played by actresses. More than one actress in her case, she had a long stint in the limelight didn’t she

      Her ending [retirement] was a massive psyop too. It was pitiful to see the behaviour of the British people at that time. All that wailing and gnashing teeth over a fictitious character! How the spooks must have laughed and laughed

      • John says:

        The big question is why Pete? Why all the deception and control? The nearest I can come up with is we’re living in some kind of hatchery and the people we call leaders and elites are actually running the hatchery for the owners. They’re glorified kapos having sold us out. Trouble is the livestock are becoming more conscious and that’s problematic.

        • newensign says:

          They are doing it John, to deceive and hide the fact they are Satan’s children who have come and taken a great spoil., whom the Bible refers to as Gog, from the Christian nations in the northern hemisphere. The acting is all to keep our gullible people thinking all is normal, till he has enough power to smash us completely!

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          Yes John that is one of the big questions I agree. And who actually are the owners? Nobody whose name has ever been in the media, or history books, I expect. Certainly their glorified kapos do NOT work for us, there is no doubt about that now. They don’t even pretend any more do they

          Hopefully we livestock are wising up, some certainly are, and more are realising all the time too. But it’s all water off a ducks back to the owners I expect. Whoever they are then, they’ve been at this sort of thing for literally thousands of years, as you pointed out above

          And if their home is off planet like many think then, I’d bet they will retain their control ongoing too, regardless of how many folk wise up. They plan hundreds of years ahead don’t they? We are all Mr Magoo compared with them 🙂