Polish government closes down media

Poland’s new pro-EU government under Donald Tusk has seized control of public broadcasters in the country, firing the management boards of TVP and Polskie Radio, and taking the channels off-air. The move sparked a sit-in protest by the conservative Law and Justice party at the TVP HQ, which is now occupied by police to prevent any further dissent.

Conservative politicians hold vigil at TVP HQ as left moves to dismantle country’s free press (rmx.news)

Remember this guy…

Ukraine did similar. Elections cancelled now i believe.

TAP – so much for the EU being the agents of peace in Europe.



One Response to “Polish government closes down media”

  1. newensign says:

    Yes Tap, that was probably a consequence of the Polish EU representative lecturing EU on their crazy immigration policies when stated Poland did not have any terrorism in their country because they did not permit mass immigration!