Norfolk County Council Sexualises Children

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Stop Transgender Indoctrination in Primary Schools

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Norfolk’s RSE programme teaches 7-year-old children that they are only born “like a boy”, or “like a girl”, and that they need to choose their gender from options including “boy, girl, and not sure”. 8-year-olds are taught that we live in a “heteronormative” world, but they can be “Pangender”, “Transgender”, and “Cisgender”, amongst others. The term “heterosexual” is not included as an option for sexual preference, giving children, in consequence, the impression that such minority sexual identities are the norm. The resource also uses sexual and age-inappropriate images for teaching young children.

The CofE primary school had neither properly consulted nor made it easy for parents to view the material, and the schools’ RSHE teacher even accused the parents of bigotry when they enquired about the extent to which the resource promoted critical race theory and gender ideology. These parents were then forced to undergo a protracted battle with their children’s school. A letter was sent to the Headteacher, asking why radical gender ideology needed to be taught to children so young and why it was being presented to them as fact, especially as the Department for Education (DfE) does not even require this to be taught in primary schools. The response the parents received was very dismissive, and their request for an independent evaluation of the RSHE resource was rejected.

The parents then lodged a formal complaint with the DfE; however, despite sending three follow-up letters over the course of the next 6 months, the DfE has not yet even assigned a case officer or commenced the investigation. A letter received from the parents’ local MP promised only to pass on their concerns. Ofsted claimed they could not act and instead passed the complaint back to the local authority (i.e., Norfolk County Council —the same local authority whose resource the complaint was about). Despite two press releases that were picked up by the Telegraph, the MailOnline, and GB News, the school’s leadership continued their refusal to collaborate or compromise.


9 Responses to “Norfolk County Council Sexualises Children”

  1. Tapestry says:

    A P.E. teacher told our 4 year old daughter that she looked like a male. She was naturally puzzled and offended. The schools are under pressure from Ofsted to have gender issues and race issues. A fake accusation was made against my son’s football team for a racist comment. There was no victim, no name of perpetrator, no description of perpetrator, no time and no place as to when this was supposed to have happened. The boys say none of them even knows the word they were supposed to have spoken – ‘Chinky’. It was probably arranged by the headmasters of the two schools to give them something to write about in their Ofsted reports. I suggested to the school that the Police should investigate what amounted to an allegation of a crime, and the whole thing instantly disappeared from view. The boys were told to stay in the changing rooms for a day until one admitted it was they who did it. I said that next time we will call the Police to investigate any allegation without any delay. You have to be careful of these slippery schools. They can fix whatever is required to please the governments that regulate them. And gender and race is all they want to talk about.

  2. John says:

    I’ve just read this. What a shocking state of affairs. IMO the actual teachers need naming and shaming. What school was it? What teacher was it? If they get enough publicity they may personally decide not to teach the subjects. As with the vaccine ultimately the person who pricked the skin is liable. With the gender stuff the teacher whose mouth opened and the words came out of is the person who IMO is ultimately liable. Go after the messenger as the people who write the message appear to be untouchable. Just following orders as we know is no defense. Nor is ignorance.

    • NPP says:

      It’s disgusting. Kris at least makes videos and will appreciate any messages of support.

  3. NPP says:

    Re next time we will call the Police to investigate any allegation without any delay

    And, I cynically wonder, what good will that do?

    There is something very strange on and it’s been in the works a long time.

    You could contact Kris. He is a father of two and is confident enough to make videos and report on this issue.

    • John says:

      Correct. The caller will probably be charged with a hate crime and/or wasting police time. We’re long overdue for a peace force of the public. The corporate policy enforcers have no concern for us. Or I might add probably have no legal duty or responsibility to us.

      • NPP says:

        I am drafting a letter to my Parish Council, initially about the ‘climate emergency’, but the same council is rolling out this sex child stuff.

        Not everyone is aware. Make them aware at ground level.

        • John says:

          Sadly even if they are aware or do become aware of it they won’t have the balls to contest it.

          • NPP says:

            You just keep trying, keep writing. Child sexualisation is such a big no no, people will think twice. My Parish Council are local people who will talk to local people.
            There’s no choice, just keep at them.

  4. ian says:

    Sexuality is the last thing on Children’s minds. The same folks behind Covid, Immigration, etc etc are behind this shite. Ie the Globalists, Schwaub, WHO, WEF, our controlled governments etc etc. Fck them.