The floodgates of fakery are about to burst with a deluge of doubles, mutated mouthpieces, digital demonstrations! The zombified, pharmasised, deludisised, dopified masses addicted to the broad way that leadeth to destruction are ripe pickings for the predatory delites! Btw, in Putin’s annual press conference and public Q&A for 2023 (which just took place, lasting 4 hr. & 4 min.), he said, “It is impossible to prevent the development of AI, which means we need to do everything to be leaders in this sphere, but how this will end is unknown.” – Hmmm!
“‘Utterly terrifying’: Shock as news channel announces it’ll become first to use AI ANCHORS from next year … include a mix of digitally created avatars and ‘digital doubles’ … eventual goal is to give each viewer a personalized broadcast” – Tailor-made lies?
(Excerpt:) “AI-generated humans reporting natural. However, a closer look at the hands, viewers will see they have longer fingers and more than five on each hand. And while their eyes blink, they appear to be dead inside with no emotion.” – How many more than 5?! Are these newspellcasters some sort of window-dressing, public-conditioning rehearsal towards the Project Bluebeam reveal, ie alien (inner-dimensional) invasion?!:

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2 Responses to “Newspellcasters”

  1. ian says:

    I know that the AI won’t help us. Re the AI newsreaders though, it shouldn’t change the garbage read from teleprompters by the sold out assholes already on. It wouldn’t surprise me if Marijuana Spring was one now, or used an AI double on greenscreen at times.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    I think is that “AI” is a misnomer, it’s not really “intelligent” at all and it changes nothing in media world either

    Because “deepfake” has been around for some time. I’ve no idea how long but certainly long enough to know that I cannot take ANY media image or video on face value. EVERYTHING that they show us MIGHT be false

    Not saying it all is, that is probs very unlikely. But who can we trust in media world? Is there anyone? Or any social platform? Or any channel?