More predictive programming on the way in big-budget Hollywood movie ‘Civil War’: First trailer released for viewing

Leo Hohmann – Dec 13, 2023

Following the Obama-produced release last week of the movie Leave the World Behind, about the collapse of America following a catastrophic cyber attack that shuts down the power grid, internet and all cellphone service, Hollywood is about to serve up another blockbuster dystopian film featuring???

How did you guess? Civil War in America.

Civil War, starring Kirsten Dunst and directed by Alex Garland, looks like an action-packed thriller that will draw an even bigger audience than the Obama production that’s currently Number 1 on Netflix. The first trailer for the upcoming Civil War has just been released. The film depictsjournalists navigating a war-torn America. Check out the just-released trailer below.

The release date for Civil War is set for April 26, 2024.

In a May interview with The Daily Telegraph, Garland said the movie is “set at an indeterminate point in the future …and serves as a sci-fi allegory for our currently polarised predicament.”

I have argued for at least a couple of years now that Civil War is a key component of the final takedown of America. The globalists, in my opinion, have already fully conquered the U.S. government, the media, the education system and the military. All that’s left to conquer here is the spirit of the American people. There is a segment who must be disarmed and put in their place if the globalists are going to consolidate their power and make their stranglehold on the sytem permanent. They do not wish to try to subdue every patriotic American, a tall order that would probably take years to accomplish going house to house and collecting arms, arresting the inhabitants and placing them in camps. That’s a long and messy job.

They’d much rather see us all dead. What better way to accomplish that than through war. Perhaps a bloody civil war will break out in conjunction with a World War III scenario, cyber attacks, grid-down, etc. Out of chaos will come a new world order, right? At least that’s their plan. Only God knows if it will succeed.

Will the Second American Civil War be triggered next summer or fall? What if Trump manages to get elected to a second term? I could see that being used as the triggering mechanism.

All we see happening in the “news” is for a reason. It’s all theater. The only authentic reality is that God is on His throne and will ultimately prevail. He’s just waiting for the right moment to intervene and stop this merry-go-round of staged fake reality.

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4 Responses to “More predictive programming on the way in big-budget Hollywood movie ‘Civil War’: First trailer released for viewing”

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Never mind the stars, what about the stripes?

      This is the East India Company Flag in 1801

      East India Company was owned by the same oligarchs that owned the Bank of England too

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Leave all sense behind 🙂

    “The central thesis of this film—and main fearporn hook—is a cyber attack that brings down the entire US. So this film couldn’t just be an advertising campaign for that industry? Scaring you into letting
    your taxes go for billions in mitigation? Yes, it could. See the article that came out TODAY on Infowars entitled
    UK at Risk of ‘Catastrophic’ Cyber Attack ‘At Any Moment’ Just a coincidence, I’m sure. They didn’t plan this film around a push to spend billions on cyber
    security? A parliamentary report is warning that the government has failed to adequately invest in systems designed to prevent cyber attacks. Oh, so spending more taxpayer money will solve this?……

    Who would have guessed? Normally I wouldn’t bother reviewing a Netflix film. You already know I hate them all and most of my readers don’t watch this crap to start with. We know this is spewing from the Intelligence agencies,
    written right out of Langley or somewhere like that. But this film is such a perfect time capsule, defining this moment like few others things could, that it felt it was worth circling. Ng is sure to point out that this is produced by the Obamas, among others, and that it promotes race wars, but that is actually the least of its sins. It does that fairly subtly, compared to all the other fear porn on parade

    The final thing they are selling here is bunkers and prepping. This movie was obviously underwritten by that industry, which is growing by leaps and bounds. They want you to devote all your disposable
    income into stockpiling food, water, guns, ammunition, and digging pits in your backyard. I won’t be joining that fun either, since I feel like J. D. Salinger on that question. In The Catcher in the Rye
    Holden Caulfield says that in the case of a nuclear war, he will go sit right on top of the bomb, to make sure he doesn’t survive. Who really wants to live in bunker eating canned food and watching reruns of
    Mad Men? Not me

    I guess it wouldn’t materially alter the lives of most Americans, since they already
    spend all their time indoors with the shades drawn, eating garbage and watching TV. But as for me, I will pass. Not interested. But I can tell you you are wasting your time and money anyway, since there are no nukes. That isn’t the future they have planned for you. You should have been prepping to say no to vaccines, but almost no one was doing that. While everyone was digging trenches, they got 80% of you with a shot in the arm”