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Days before the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel, stock traders magically began anticipating events to come:

Research by law professors Robert Jackson Jr from NYU and Joshua Mitts of Columbia reveals MASSIVE short-selling leading up to the attacks:

The short-selling before Oct. 7 was so extreme it “exceeded the short-selling that occurred during numerous other periods of crisis” including after the Great Recession of 2008, the 2014 Israel-Gaza war, and the COVID pandemic.

“Our findings suggest that traders informed about the coming attacks profited from these tragic events…”

In the days before the attack, bets against Israeli securities traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange “increased dramatically,” the paper said.

For example, the researchers found that between September 14 and October 5, there were 4.4 million new shares sold short in Bank Leumi, one of Israel’s largest banks. Bank Leumi’s share prices tumbled 23% between October 4 and October 23.”

What on earth is going on here? Who knew what and when?

Why are we allowing these people to get away with this? We need criminal investigations immediately.