Is the Electric Universe Controlled Opposition? And what about Velikovsky?

From 2018

“I will lay all my cards on the table and admit that this question has been brewing in the back of my
head for years. Furthermore, I will admit the question first arose due to their treatment of me. Given
the amazing nuggets I have discovered in their own fields, it always seemed to me they would embrace
me as their greatest ally. Instead they have ignored me or attacked me. I have been told they didn’t
attempt an alliance for many reasons, including my early refusal to bow properly to their founders like
Talbott and Thornhill, my inability to agree with them on everything, and my promotion of theories
outside their bounds, such as pi=4 and many others. Trumping all that was the fact that I was finding
bigger nuggets in their fields than they were, which is always hard to come to terms with in a
competitive world. Seeing these reasons as possible, I dropped the question. I like to work alone and
don’t really require allies, so the question wasn’t worth losing sleep over.”


“From this alone, we can tell that
either 1) The EU has been infiltrated, and that the mole is someone near the top, having the power to
invite Shermer, 2) The EU has been controlled opposition from the beginning. You might prefer 1), but
after doing more research, I have bad news for you. The answer is definitely 2).
Why? Many reasons, but we will only have to look at only a few to decide the question. As is known,
EU has been connected to Immanuel Velikovsky since the beginning. Velikovsky was still alive in the
1970s when Talbot and Thornhill started all this. They actually spent time with him. Although I have
read Velikovsky and at one time took him semi-seriously, I have come to realize he has red flags all
over him. But none of these warning signs really lit up until I wrote my recent paper on Halton Arp.
Realizing Arp was probably controlled opposition reminded me these others might be as well, so I
looked into it. Like Arp, Velikovsky tells you a few interesting truths before leading you off out into
the bushes. So keep that in mind. I am not saying Velikovsky is completely wrong. Neither are the
Thunderbolts. Obviously, they are correct that the Solar System is not gravity-only. It is when you get
past that that everything starts to fall apart.”


“So it looks as if Velikovsky—like Graham Hancock now and Ignatius Donnelly back in the 1880s—
was no threat to the establishment, since he was one of them. All were and are promoted to serve up
popular alternative theories that seem to question the establishment while doing them no real harm and
threatening their hegemony in no real way. These theories are long on colorful historical examples, but
never get around to addressing any specific problems. No one ever takes the time to slog through
mainstream equations like I have, for instance, showing the specific errors and correcting them line by
line. Instead, we have airy proposals which—although sometimes containing interesting ideas—never
go anywhere. The proposals stay in the same state for decades, and no one in any century ever gets
around to proving them or disproving them. That by itself is very curious.
But, you may ask, why would anyone need to “control the opposition”, and why would they do it by
promoting Velikovsky? For the same reason they create and promote any other opposition: to prevent
you from discovering any truth. As we have seen in my papers on both sites, the truth was classified a
long time ago as something too dangerous for normal people. Therefore, they create a mainstream
version of everything which is a believable fiction, and pound it into you from the crib. But they know
that some people will gag on this fiction, eventually seeing through it. So they have to create a second
fiction for these people. To do this, they test the wind, to see exactly what people aren’t buying. They
then create a second story, and in the first chapters of that story they tell you what you already know:
much of the mainstream story is garbage. In this way they hook you into the alternative version.
Because they have admitted the mainstream is wrong, you trust them as an ally. They then lead you
back out into the bushes, and you are lost for another few decades. By the time you figure out the
second con, you are too old to do anything about it”


“But even without that, the 2015 fiasco with Michael Shermer is all the proof you should ever need that
the Thunderbolts were created to fail. I knew as soon as I saw that video up on Youtube. The
Thunderbolts were set up to lose: not to me but to the mainstream. They are there to soak up
dissatisfaction with legacy physics and to misdirect it into useless channels and responses. They pull
you into their alliances and then cut your feet out from under you. After Scientific American
thoroughly eviscerates you and everything you stand for, it is hoped you will give up and slouch back
to the mainstream. After the newpapers and magazines refuse to report on the proceedings of your 40th
national conference in a row—since it hasn’t achieved anything worth reporting—it is hoped you will
slouch back to the comfort of academic physics, holding your balls in your hands.
Critics have claimed that my responses to the mainstream are too strong, turning off regular folks. But
these critics are also planted. It isn’t true. Compared to what the mainstream deserves, even my
responses are far too tepid. And compared to me, the responses of the Thunderbolts look like cold
oatmeal. This is no accident. That is what controlled opposition always looks like, since it was created
specifically to stall the revolution. The mainstream doesn’t want you reading and following me, since I
am a genuine threat to their hegemony. So they underwrite alternative ideas like those of Arp or the
Thunderbolts. They give you an alternative second path to travel, hoping you won’t ever recognize
there are always more than two paths. Yes, the Thunderbolts were created to draw attention away from
me and any like me. Those who run the world saw me coming. ”


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2 Responses to “Is the Electric Universe Controlled Opposition? And what about Velikovsky?”

  1. Tapestry says:

    I prefer Roger Spurr of Mudfossil University to Electric Universe, esp. his view that earth and venus were birthed from Jupiter. EV said Venus and Mars were both from Saturn. Roger won’t lay a finger on dinosaurs as fake. He lives a couple of miles from a dinosaur theme park! No source is 100% but most have something to offer.

  2. Tapestry says:

    I prefer Roger Spurr of Mudfossil University to Electric Universe, esp. his view that earth and venus were birthed from Jupiter. EV said Venus and Mars were both from Saturn. Roger won’t lay a finger on dinosaurs as fake. He lives a couple of miles from a dinosaur theme park! No source is 100% but most have something to offer. We need to synthesize and become eklectic.