I have not been home in 23 days

I have not been home in 23 days

and in Newark Airport, on my way to Florida for 2 CHD events

I have had the most extraordinary series of meetings in my life. I’ve also done a ton of interviews.

So, in the 15 minutes till I board, here is what we have been up to at Door to Freedom:

  1. We are assisting European lawyers to improve their efforts against the WHO by providing expert second opinions
  2. We are working with Congressmembers to explain how various pieces of legislation are unconstitutional and need to be revoked or reworked. These include, of course, the PREP Act (which, btw, the WHO Treaty demands all countries add to their domestic law so that liability free, untested vaccines can continue to be used globally); the International Pandemic Preparedness Act of the 2023 NDAA; and the many ways that One Health has been inserted into US agencies, rules and regulations.
  3. We are building worldwide coalitions of activists, lawyers and others (in the early stages now)
  4. We continue to perfect our documents and will continue to translate the important ones. They have been very well received. See DoortoFreedom.org/handouts to get a falvor for the quality of materials we have been able to produce and disseminate.
  5. We will attack the Amendments aggressively, as it is likely the Treaty will be dropped, since it appears a 2/3 vote is unlikely.

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