How to Eradicate Antisemitism. By Henry Makow.

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Here’s an idea. Instead of criminalizing antisemitism, we could eliminate it by addressing the causes. (list below)

“Antisemitism” is a occult curse. Jews have trained the goyim to behave like Pavlov dogs, to cringe and run away. 

Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. Organized Jewry has been waging a war against humanity for hundreds of years. It finagled our national credit cards and maxed them out on gratuitous wars and fake pandemics. It destroys our national heritage, racial cohesion and families. 

Rothschild front-man Klaws Swab made their goal public- “You will own nothing!” i.e. enslavement

Jews can either reject this satanist agenda or take the blame for it. I think they want to take the blame for an agenda aimed at destroying them as well. It’s a death wish. 

Twitter Poll- Almost 90% of my readers think antisemitism is justified




3 Responses to “How to Eradicate Antisemitism. By Henry Makow.”

  1. ian says:

    This is not about the ordinary Jewish people but about the Globalists, who at the moment seem to be going out of their way to incite world war.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Yes Ian, the conflation of Jews with globalists/zionists is simply WRONG. Sadly, it is a common error, particularly in the alternative scene

      In fact there are plenty of Christian Zionists, particularly in the States. And plenty of globalism supports too. It never fails to surprise me just how many leftists swallow the woke, globalist, claptrap

      • ian says:

        Unless they have friends like you Pete to talk to, they won’t know any better.