How the Charge Field causes the Ice Ages

The Sun, Jupiter and our Galaxy drive the cycle of ice ages on Earth

Humans are insignificant in terms of global temperatures, always have been and always will be in future

“It became apparent to me very quickly that this question was like all the others in physics and geophysics: the current answer was very poor, everyone seemed to recognize that in moments of candor, but the current answer was nonetheless guarded as a precious thing, since so many careers had been built on it. I could tell at a glance that the Milankovitch cycles were jerry-rigged and pushed, since they had no structural soundness from the first tap. Math is a lot like architecture. You don’t have to study the Louvre for many weeks or years to see that it is more structurally sound than the Pompidou, for example. You can tell at a glance. It is the same with the math of these theories. Good theories are simple, and the math has no tape on it. Bad theories are full of paste-overs, pushes, and props, and they always come with a long list of assurances, insurances, and apologetics. They also come with complete their own cops, who will threaten and bully anyone who points out the tape and the props. Good math and theory doesn’t need cops: it is its own recommendation. Only bad theory needs to intimidate you to believe it.

I was also amazed at how simple the right answer was, as usual. The right answer had been missed not because it was so complex and esoteric, but because the current physicists had preferred to bury their heads up their own black holes one more time. As I will show in just a moment, the answer depends only upon seeing influences from outside the Solar System, and we should know of those influences. We are not ignorant of the galactic core and its incredible power. So an impartial observer will ask why physicists are so blindered when it comes to admitting input from beyond the Solar System. The math and mechanics I will show you are hardly revolutionary. But physicists don’t want to go there because this input must come in on the charge field, and present physicists are allergic to the charge field in celestial mechanics. They don’t want to even consider it, because it will mess up all their work, all the way back to Laplace. Yes, they will have to re-do centuries worth of math, and they don’t want to do that, the truth be damned.”


“But we still have the longer period to explain. There must be another variation, because some of these warming periods are a lot larger than the others. Only one in nine of the warming periods is large enough to melt the glaciers and be called interglacial. And this 1 in 9 comes (almost) like clockwork.

What causes it? Jupiter. Jupiter causes a wobble in this cycle, sort of like the wobble in the tilt of the Earth, due to nutation. Jupiter provides what is called a libration to the motions above. Because of Jupiter, one of the nine conjunctions is cleaner than the other eight, and this causes a greater maximum in the charge field.

Remember that even mainstream physicists have pointed out that our system is almost a two-star system. Jupiter is nearly as large as many red dwarf stars, and he recycles nearly as much charge as a small star. Since we are studying charge here, not fusion, it doesn’t matter that Jupiter is not fusing. Only the charge matters. Therefore a charge alignment must include Jupiter. The important fact here is that Jupiter is not precisely on the Solar plane or the ecliptic or the invariant plane or the Solar equator. Once again, we have a small angle. This angle causes the wobble. It causes it because it now matters where Jupiter is in his inclination cycle when the galactic alignment occurs. In other words, at each 11,000 year alignment, Jupiter is in a different place. When Jupiter is nearest the Solar plane, he most augments the charge maximum. When he is most off the plane, he least augments it. But because of the way his inclination matches up with the larger cycle, he is only at his nearest point about every 100,000 years.”


“These are the real causes of long-term temperature here on Earth, not global warming or anything else humans may do. We can only react in small ways to these changes. Burning all the fuel in the world can only delay a temperature change for a few years. If the ice age is coming, we may have delayed it for a couple of decades, but we cannot have delayed it for 20,000 years. According to the ice core statistics, it should have happened thousands of years ago, and we weren’t doing anything then to delay it. From that alone we should infer our own unimportance.

We should cut our pollution so that we can breathe better, eat better, and live with fewer illnesses. And we should control our populations so that we don’t all have to live in squalor (and so that other species can live, too, and not in our trash). But temperature is ultimately beyond our control. Unless we can move the Sun or Jupiter, we are out of luck.

That said, we had better begin studying more closely the inclination of Jupiter and the relation of the Sun to the galaxy. We can’t continue to live in ignorance of the charge field, or the way the galaxy plugs into the Solar system. We can’t respond to coming changes if we don’t know what they are. I would say that currently we haven’t got a clue. Since we are still explaining the precession of the equinoxes by gravitational magic, we must still be in the dark ages, mechanically. Since we haven’t recognized the charge field, we must be living in the dark ages, mechanically. Since we haven’t recognized the galactic input, which drives everything, we are in the dark ages, mechanically. It is way past time we quit larking around with black holes and the first seconds of the universe, which are problems way beyond us, and start looking at these problems that will affect us greatly, especially if an ice age is going to start any minute. We are told by various groups that we are either on the edge of a new ice age, on the edge of armageddon, or on the edge of a flood caused by warming, but none of these groups are doing anything about it (except proposing new taxes and building new jails). We hear a lot of urgency in voices, to create alarm, but we see no action. If things were as dire as we are told, we would expect people to be rushing into action, as in the movie Deep Impact or something. Instead, we see physicists blowing billions of tax dollars jacking around with colliders, looking for hypothetical Bosons to fill holes in their mattresses, I mean matrices. And these same physicists can’t even tell you what charge is, much less locate it in the field equations.

Once again, I have shown you that mechanics is the answer. I haven’t discovered the whole answer yet, and don’t expect to. But I have shown you the framework for the right answer. Giving charge a real presence in the field, giving the photon a real presence in the field, and finding the charge field in the field equations of Newton and Einstein are the pillars of this framework. The fourth pillar is keeping that charge mechanical, by explaining every motion and every force and every interaction in terms of collisions—collisions that can be diagrammed. No borrowing from the vacuum, no broken symmetries, no virtual particles, no undefined fields, no forces at a distance, no hidden variables, no hiding behind the math.”



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