Gravity explained

Everything is made from light – which is two particles – a black particle which is weight or mass – and a white particle which is pure energy.  To produce electricity you merely remove the mass particle leaving the energy particle.  Black attracts white.  That’s what people imagine to be gravity.  This knowledge is not permitted in any media.  Gravity is the black particle attracting the white.

Light is not a wave or a particle.  It’s both.  The science in the media is gobblygook.  Gravity is the black particle pulling the white particle back.

Electricity explained.

A proton is 823 or so light balls which is basically stable.  Not one solid ball as others state.

Hydrogen is 1824 dipoles (a black and a white together – bar magnets) in the centre.

Every element is an accumulation of light particles that reach stability.

The black and the white can be separated as has been done and pictured.

Light spins and pushes everything out of its way.  Light particles go in pairs called duons.