1. ian says:

    Great info David, but worrying that Alex Jones etc are involved. Is it just to seperate out the woke from the zombies, so they can get us????? seems possible.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      I agree Ian

      David’s 2 recent posts on this have been devastating for the official covid narrative, absolute dynamite, thanks David

      But the involvement of Jones is very concerning. He is a blackwash agent. His recent, totally BS court case [see Mathis], has undermined the credibility of Kirsch I expect

      Rather like Irving and the holohoax then, Jones association with a subject is enough to turn the normie/sheep off. Old “conspiracy” hands will know better but they are not the target audience here, they pretty well already knew all this

      I circulated the first Kirsch vid and his substack post too. But I’m hesitating with this one, despite the importance of it

  2. David 2 says:

    I totally agree about Alex Jones, his constant interruptions come across as insincere rambling. I normally ignore his show.

    However he does not completely take away from the brave whistleblower. It can only be hoped that the statistical facts that were released by Barry prevail.

    From UK Column yesterday, I understand that a number of MP’s participated in the vaccine injury presentation.

    Perhaps the wheel is turning!

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      Thanks David, I totally agree about the whistleblower Barry. And, like you, I hope that the wheel is turning. I find it hard to believe that they can keep the lid on this for ever, the truth will out eventually, sooner the better

      I’ve watched all of the video now and I’ve changed my attitude to it’s circulation. Despite Jones then, this is too important to ignore and Barry seems a very credible and brave witness to me, a man with real integrity. He is a high level mainstream database expert who credibly may have no idea about Jones wider nefarious role. Kirsch too

      Barry was treated by the NZ authorities as though he was a major criminal, not a brave data expert who shows real humanity and humility, as is clear in this vid. Incidentally his accent sounds English to me not Kiwi

      Barry’s experience also starkly illustrates that ALL politicians are on the same side, none of them work for us. The second half of the vid is very revealing about this. The NZ pols knew what they were doing. They and absolutely NOTHING to protect the public, they just arrested Barry in a very intimidating way to try and silence him

      Btw, Mathis convincingly covered Jones fake Sandyhook trials here:
      The US legal system just doesn’t work like that in reality. Which means that Jones trial was another fake one, purely for the TV and mass consumption