Charles punches down hard on the poor

King Charles Delivers Highly-Politicised Speech To Support Collectivist Net Zero Project

Authored by Chris Morrison via The Daily Sceptic,

It could have been worse. King Charles could have ascended to his desert dais and pronounced that we had just 96 months to avert “irretrievable climate and ecosystem collapse”.

But that was the Right Charlie back in 2009, giving us the benefit of his sandwich-board scientific wisdom.

These days it is all fashionable bad weather and undefined “tipping points”. 

The man is now King, and at COP28 he threw away his irksome politically-neutral constitutional role, wrapped himself in Guardianista pseudoscience, and punched down hard on the poor who will be forced to pay for the collectivist madness that is the Net Zero project.

SUNDAY, DEC 03, 2023 – 01:10 PM

2 Responses to “Charles punches down hard on the poor”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Snap! 🙂

    I wrote: “It won’t end well for you if you carry on like this Charlie boy. The Monarch’s constitutional role is to stay OUT of politics and remain above the fray. If you continue to flout this convention then, you risk disaster for you and your kind. Your mother had far more sense, she understood her constitutional role, she remained steadfastly aloof……”

  2. John says:

    At what point do people wake up and realize the ruling parasites do not care for you or have your best interests at heart. They’ll be loads of flag waving pensioners this winter cheering at and paying for the royals while they sit in a cold flat with a candle for warmth. Get shot of them and have an elected council representative of the people and divi out the royal wealth. Most of it is stolen and looted. Return it and be gone with them.