Are Vaccines Healthy Or Harmful?

A classic example is the idea that the polio vaccine ‘cured’ polio. Did it? I recommend you buy yourself a copy of Dissolving Illusions.

I can’t remember the last time I had a jab. School, last century? I recall an Irish politician talking about, ‘Restricting our freedoms for the common good’, with regard to hate crime. Common good was the justification given for lockdowns and monitoring online ‘misinformation’ to ‘save lives’. They tried hard to coerce as many as they could to submit to the jab for the common good. They actually offered free ice-cream and pizza in exchange for submission to the covid1984 jab.

I suspect, had the Behavioural Insights Team, SAGE SPI-B, the 77th Brigade and Mindspace not marketed the ‘pandemic’ with their £multi-million fear campaign, the public would have been none the wiser. These same people today push the ‘climate emergency’.

To cut to the chase, this is one of the more interesting books I bought during covid1984: Dissolving Illusions:
This interview was the first time I’d seen one of the co-authors Roman Bystrianyk. He ventured into the field of health out of curiosity and his analytical mind and almost cold approach offers an interesting insight into the history of the healthy business:

By contrast, I have sat through the 9 hour testimony of Stanley Plotkin, ‘Under Oath on Vaccines’, as I drew and painted artwork. He appears to genuinely believe in his vaccines to the extent that of course he approves of vaccinating his grandchildren.
At the time of posting, I have not listened to this 8 hour deposition by the same attorney, Aaron Siri, of Dr. Kathryn Edwards, the ‘Godmother of Vaccines’.

This interview was recommended on ‘X’ by The Coast Guy Neil Oliver.
Doc. Malik talks to Aarron Siri:

This image was removed by Red Bubble when I still had a Red Bubble online shop account:

While I’m about it…

Further, while I’m about, the ex UK Health Munster Handycock and ex UK PM Bollox Johnson…
Herr Gruppenführer Matt Midazolam Handycock has told the UK Covid1984 Inquiry that we should have locked down earlier. I did not and would never take health advise from this ‘homunculus in a suit from the boy’s department’. That’s enough vile imagery for now.

Yurtta Barış Dünyada Barış : Peace At Home, Peace İn The World… if only.

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5 Responses to “Are Vaccines Healthy Or Harmful?”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Thanks for the info about Dissolving Illusions Ned

    My son is about to become a new father. His partner is a covidian and she intends to vaccinate, I expect

    So I just bought him a Christmas present:

    Dissolving Illusions, which sounds just the ticket


    Turtles All the Way Down, ditto

    A bit of light reading for him ahead of the big day in February 🙂

    • NPP says:

      It’s not particularly heavy reading strangely enough.
      The revelations about the UK child work force is shocking enough. It gives food for thought about slavery.
      I urge to watch the interview with Roman Bystrianyk… he just analysed material without presumption.

    • ian says:

      great post Ned as always, and great comment Pete, any means of managing their perception of the truth that does the job is the way to go. Great comment as always.

      • NPP says:


        I heard some of Hancock’s comments at the covid1984 enquiry.
        We should have locked down earlier, apparently.
        At some point karma will kick in.