Another Reason to Give Birth at Home

by Miles Mathis
First published November 15, 2023

A lawsuit in New Jersey is publicizing what was already known by some: hospitals not only draw
blood from all babies without consent (or even knowledge) of parents, they store that blood and are free
to do with it whatever they please, including selling it. If you think they wouldn’t sell it to rich people
who want to use it as an elixir, well, you are still hopelessly naive.
This ties into a previous paper of mine, where I suggested they do the same thing with blood drives in
schools, where—again—there is nothing to stop your child’s blood ending up in various elixirs,
potions, or rituals.

This just proves once again that we are ruled over by a cabal of actual vampires, feeding upon us not
just figuratively, but literally. The idea that they could legally take blood from newborns—who,
presumably, are in need of their blood—is so far beyond the pale it beggars all belief. They claim that
this is to screen for diseases: a flimsy excuse for vampirism if ever I heard it. Babies got born for
hundreds of thousands of years without this requirement, and civilization never collapsed.
I was only at a hospital once for the birth of a friend’s child, but I saw how they do this. I snooped
around and quickly learned some things, as usual. They don’t draw the blood while the baby is in its
mother’s arms, of course. She might ask questions. They surreptitiously sneak the newborns off to a
separate abattoir, where they can ply their dark arts. Plus, they don’t just insert a syringe. They slice
the sole of the foot, a truly gruesome procedure, with the baby of course screaming in pain.
Such an advanced and compassionate society we are, to be sure.

Then don’t forget the screaming circumcision and the multiple dangerous and unnecessary vaccines and
the bullying nurses and the ugly rooms and the drugged up mothers (they would have to be drugged up
to consent to any of this). As far as making birth a beautiful experience, you might as well have the
child delivered by a checker at Walmart.

Most women choose to give birth in a hospital because they are afraid they may need an emergency
Caesarian or other procedure, if all doesn’t go to plan. And of course the medical industry plays up that
fear, to make sure you do spend a lot of money on something that should be free. They need to get you
in there to torture your newborn for fun and profit. But the dangers of home birth are vastly overrated,
and I would guess they are normally less than the danger of sepsis and other problems at the hospital.
Even if you do need an emergency Caesarian, you have time to get to a hospital for that. That is what
they have ambulances and Starflight for.
The wife of one of my volleyball buddies in Taos had her birth botched by the local hospital, going
septic, and she had to be flown all the way to Albuquerque. Everything turned out all right, but it just
shows that giving birth at a hospital is no guarantee of anything.

The only smart plan at this point in history is to disconnect yourself in all ways from the government
and institutional America. And that includes hospitals, pharmacies, public schools, and all other links.
Go Amish. If you don’t, you are sure to become another pathetic zombie in a nation of zombies,
sleepwalking through life. You will end up prematurely ugly, sick, and broke, at which point your
ravaged corpse will be mined for any last salvage and then burned to keep the rich warm.

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One Response to “Another Reason to Give Birth at Home”

  1. Belyi says:

    The placenta should not be cut straight away either. The baby needs the nutrition in it and it should only be removed when it is empty.

    The mother should have the option of keeping it as it is full of stem cells which can be useful later on.

    At present, it’s cut right away and invariably sold to wealthy people who need the cells to rejuvenate their bodies.