2024 the year NATO is defeated by Russia

Dreizin’s vote of confidence from inside the Reich

I dedicate this to all the cretins who still believe the PedoRitter-Macgregor line (now carried in the Epoch Times and on ZeroHedge) that Russia has killed 350,000 or 400,000 Reich military personnel.


My translation (salutation and first paragraph):

Hello Jacob!

When the war started, I began listening to Mercouris and his Cypriot clown. Then, various Ritters and Macgregors and sundry oracles came around. But very quickly, it became clear that this is all nonsense.

OBVIOUSLY, people INSIDE the Reich don’t listen to these clowns anymore.

Remember, I have existed from the morning of the world, and I shall exist until the last star falls from the night. Although I have taken the form of Dreizin, I am every man as I am no man, and thus, I am a god (lower case “g.”)

Below, an email from a guy who took PedoRitter’s money… and gave it to ME.

This guy has it figured out! What a champ!


Since we’re on the subject of “longer-term prophecy”…..

In early 2014, I told my very good friend, that the Reich will be destroyed. (Damn, I should have made a YouTube video!!!)

Sometime in mid-2022, during the first true Russian “meat-grinder” moves against the Reich, in the first of various bipolar “troughs” in GLOBOHOMO mood as regards prospects for the war…..

…..he remembered what I’d said, and mentioned it like, wow, you called it, how did you know?


I knew because…..

I have existed from the morning of the world…..

TAP – my interpretation of this is that the war in Ukraine and elsewhere was designed to be the collapse of NATO from the get go.  The Teds have been against the wars and want peace through negotiation.  All other UK parties (Including UKIP) are on board with NATO’s insane warmaking against the real military powers of the world.  Vaccines kill the really big numbers but wars killing tens of thousands provide the drama to distract the mass of the people while billions are jabbed and eliminated.  WW1 and the Spanish flu showed the way.  Vaccines killed far more than bombs and bullets.

The collapse will be sudden when it comes.  Russian soldiers in the streets of Paris by spring 2025?  The Russians will also be vaxxed of course.  This is a Reptilian war against the whole of humanity.

Jacob Dreizin writes –

Paywall getting closer! Again, I will re-start the “substantive” content, as soon as the paywall is up… AND I get enough subscribers (all of you “yes” votes, don’t disappear!!!)

In the meantime…..

Below is a screenshot (blurred out where it needs to be) that I received from a Russian gentleman living in the Reich.

My partial translation is just below that.

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One Response to “2024 the year NATO is defeated by Russia”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Yes, NATO honchos are surely not that stupid. So it certainly all looks designed to me too. And will end with the collapse of NATO as things stand

    They won’ need to take Paris though, Kiev should suffice

    Three recent genocides:

    Covid vaxx – millions of deaths
    Ukie war – hundreds of thousands?
    Gaza – tens of thousands

    Which gets all the coverage? Ukie, Ukie, Ukie! Then, Gaza, Gaza, Gaza!

    Whatever you do, don’t mention the vaxx