4 Responses to “20 Amazing Artifacts at the Egyptian Museum.”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Thanks Ian, an excellent and fascinating video

    The more I see and read then, the more I’m convinced that our official ancient “history” is totally wrong. I’ve recently read Velikovsky who is very convincing in his interpretations about the ancient texts and celestial events about 3,500 years ago

    And I’m currently reading a book called “Forgotten Civilisations – The role of solar outbursts” by Robert Schoch. He is a tad too mainstream for my liking, but his work about the period at the end of the last ice age, about 12,000 years ago, is convincing. Gobekli Tepi in Turkey is a canary in that coalmine. Precision cut granite obelisks created 10,000 or so years ago, how is that possible? They were deliberately buried too about 8,00 years ago. Schloch also shows similar precision engineering said to be by “savages” before metallurgy was used. Simply ridiculous…

    Why was Gobekli Tepi buried? Probably as protection from solar outbursts. Because the Sun is most certainly not a fixed and unchanging, nuclear reactor, ball in the sky. The ancients knew this but we are NOT allowed to. Why would that be?

    Btw, I visited Cairo and went to that museum in 2020, just as the scamdemic was kicking off. The dilapidated state of the place had to be seen to be believed. But we also saw that the globalists are building a brand spanking new one, out at Giza near the pyramids. At massive expense too by the looks. No doubt to solidify the lies, and eliminate such opportunities as this guy took

    We took an escorted tour, which involved planes, boats and trains, to Cairo, Luxor [Karnak, Valley of Kings] and Aswan. We were accompanied by an “Egyptologist” who constantly spouted the official guff. He irritated me because I could clearly see alternative possibilities with my own eyes. Our visit to the museum was not long enough to spot such anomalies, we saw the famous sights and not much else. But this guy obviously spent more time there and used his brain a bit…..

    Copper tools chiselling granite with such precision? Pull the other one. That is clearly nonsense, so how was it done then? With some sort of tech, there is no other explanation

    • ian says:

      Indeed Pete, I was hooked years ago by Erik Von Daniken’s books. I watched a video of a vist by a US guy who ran a stone mason business, and he openly said that he couldn’t do half the stuff he saw, with modern tools. Amazing and infuriating that we can’t get info. I even saw once that they dug a cast iron pot out of a coal seam in Pennsylvania. The authorities took it away and dissapeared it.

      • pete fairhurst 2 says:

        There are lots of examples like that cast iron pot too Ian. See this:


        I read it a few years ago and it is very convincing. Seems that the Smithsonian in the US serves it’s main purpose in disappearing such stuff. When it goes in there then, it rarely reappears, it gets memory holed in effect

        Seems that humans/humanoids have been around for a VERY long time