1 Plus 1 Is No longer 2

…. or so it seems in schools now a days. Education has become indoctrination.

This madness is happening in schools in the UK and beyond. Why adhere to 1+1=2 when it can be 3? Or 4 or a unicorn with an elephant’s trunk?

I repeat and publish again this online petition to challenge the sexualisation of children in the county of Norfolk, England:
‘Norfolk’s RSE programme teaches 7-year-old children that they are only born “like a boy”, or “like a girl”, and that they need to choose their gender from options including “boy, girl, and not sure”. 8-year-olds are taught that we live in a “heteronormative” world, but they can be “Pangender”, “Transgender”, and “Cisgender”, amongst others. The term “heterosexual” is not included as an option for sexual preference, giving children, in consequence, the impression that such minority sexual identities are the norm. The resource also uses sexual and age-inappropriate images for teaching young children.’

This is insane; it’s clown world; not education, but indoctrination. It is an inversion of truth. This is an image I save of LGBT flags to represent different genders according to the clown world continuum system whereby male and female, the two sexes, the two genders, are apparently simply not enough…

An educated man? I would say so.
Dr. Denis Rancourt:
There was no pandemic and there is no climate change emergency… I would add there is climate change, the climate has and will always change, but it’s not us, we human beings, doing it:

This book explains how our education has been infiltrated by cultural Marxism.
The Leipzig Connection by Paolo Lioni:
Free online:

This book, despite the author being convicted of bombing and murder, gives an interesting explanation as to why we are seeing a degradation and degeneration of civil society and education.
Industrial Society and It’s Future : The Unabomber Manifesto
by Ted Kaczynski

Ned Substack:

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3 Responses to “1 Plus 1 Is No longer 2”

  1. Belyi says:

    Is biology no longer taught? Or has the inconvenient fact of our chromosomes dictating our sex been glossed over?

  2. ian says:

    An excellent post Ned, I’ll read Ted Kazynski’s words later.

    • NPP says:

      He was an MK Ultra victim. He published a prediction of how cultural Marxism would infest our society. Sadly, he also bombed and killed.

      Belyi, our education has gone to poo. It appears by design by certain parties.