WHO plans to take over lockdowns from UK Gov’t (see links below)

by | Nov 17, 2023
We highlight the main points from detailed research by health practitioner Philippa D’Arcy and the Facts4EU.Organd CIBUK teams on the dangers of this huge extension of WHO powers. 

Sweeping new powers include

  • Freedom to declare a pandemic at which point all decision-making powers fall under WHO
  • Mandatory vaccinations and lockdowns
  • Local doctors forced to follow WHO edicts
  • Charging member states huge sums to put these measures into effect
  • Censorship of alternative views and the stifling of dissent

Undemocratic and Unaccountable

  • WHO is almost 90% privately funded
  • WHO spends only 13% of its budget on medical supplies
  • 87% is spent on staff and ‘other expenses’

Mis-leading pandemic propaganda

  • Fears over pandemics have been hugely exaggerated
  • 91% of deaths in the last three years had nothing to do with Covid
  • Far more die of ‘flu and tuberculosis every year

Supra-national Legislation

1. The new WHO ‘Pandemic’ Treaty

  • Sets up an international supply network overseen by the WHO
  • Funds the structures and processes – budget now $31bn per annum
  • Sets up a ‘Governing Body’, under the auspices of WHO, to oversee the whole process
  • Expands scope with ‘One Health’ agenda, which combines all human, animal and environmental concerns into one
  • Such legislation will be applicable at ALL times, not just in times of health emergency

2. Amendments to International Health Regulations (IHR)

  • Proposed amendments to the IHR threaten to remove national sovereignty and cede it to the WHO and partner agencies
  • The Regulations are negotiated by unelected delegates
  • The IHR is already an instrument of international law which is legally binding on 194 nations
  • Any new, adopted amendments will require no UK parliamentary scrutiny or vote
  • Art 59 of the Regulations halves the time that countries can object to/reject an amendment
  • The deadline for rejecting this amendment is 30th November – under three weeks’ time



Commenting on the report’s findings, Director of Communications at CIBUK, Ben Philips said 

“It’s time to wake up and smell the Fairtrade coffee.  Democracy is under direct threat by the WHO.  Our MPs are mostly completely unaware of this.  They need to be notified before it is too late.  We have but a couple of weeks to do so. Urgent action is required – now!


For more information see:
and  https://facts4eu.org/news/2023_nov_dr_who_rules_7
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One Response to “WHO plans to take over lockdowns from UK Gov’t (see links below)”

  1. bakedjerboa says:

    Just to correct, “..91% of deaths in the last three years had nothing to do with Covid..” should read 100%.
    Great article aside from that, but that one seemingly insignificant line is The control mechanism therein!