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I can’t believe I’m compelled to comment on such issues, but in clown world continuum climate emergency and masturbation for primary school children are apparently par for the course.

Councillor Cliff Waterman was featured on the front page of the Bury Free Press last week. The story was about town parking. I can almost smell his fervour for a 15 minute, all pedestrian town centre. He is or was an English teacher apparently. He believes there is a ‘climate emergency’ and that sex education for primary school children is perfectly acceptable. I feature him because what other course is there to address and challenge West Suffolk’s policy?

These councillors do not seem interested in debating or discussing the issues of climate or sexual education for small children. It seems policy instruction has been issued and they merely follow orders. I’ve tried writing to Nicola Beach, Chief Executive Officer and Matt Hullis, Head of Environment Strategy at Suffolk County Council, Ian Gallin, Chief Executive at West Suffolk Council, Joanna Spicer, County Councillor Blackbourn, Councillor Mike Chester, The Chair West Suffolk, Councillor Andrew Smith, Ward: Bardwell and Nicki Mattin, Principal, Thurston Community College, my ex school, Tim Passmore Police and Crime Commissioner for Suffolk and Barry Peters, Editor, Bury Free Press. Only Zöe Crosby, Executive Assistant to Nicola Beach and then Matt Hullis, Head of Environment Strategy, have responded.

Concerned fathers have tried discussing the issue with councillors and thought they had reached an understanding to address their concerns. However, it is quite clear from this citizen journalist video footage that the climate emergency policy and sexual education curriculum are done deals whether the public are aware, like it or not. Nicola Beach, Chief Executive Officer Suffolk and Ian Gallin, Chief Executive at West Suffolk, are paid about £200K/year to implement climate emergency net zero policy when there is no climate emergency and sex curriculum that involves masturbation for primary school children. This is traditionally conservative Suffolk seemingly turned full cultural Marxist.

Cliff Waterman is featured speaking during this video during which West Suffolk Council Chief Executive Ian Gallin shut down a public meeting, after which…
West Suffolk Full Council Meeting walk out

‘Cllr Waterman worked as an English teacher in schools across the county, including Stowupland High School, Mildenhall Upper School and Westley Middle School in Bury. He is the Labour group leader and works as a cyclist training officer at Suffolk County Council.’
Councillor Cliff Waterman appointed as the new district council leader
New Leader and Chair elected at West Suffolk Council
Long-running Bury St Edmunds ‘McDonald’s car park’ problem persists despite 440 civil parking patrols and 51 fines

I noticed the front page of the BFP in a local grocery shop. It’s now ‘yesterday’s’ front page. This ‘local’ paper is no doubt run by a national centralised publisher, pro-€U, pro-net zero, pro-support for Ukraine, pushed the covid1984 fear porn agenda and perhaps not the local newspaper I grew up with.

The day I checked the website for the Cliff Waterman front page, above the BFP was an ad for the covid1984 jab. I noted the email addresses for the local BFP reporters…

Do I email them all? I’ve already written to editor Barry Peters. He ignored me. For now my focus is my local Parish Council who do at least acknowledge and have replied to my hard copy letter protesting the climate emergency policy.

After seeing the video of the West Suffolk meeting above I realised there is little point in protesting climate emergency to the same so called adults who espouse masturbation curriculum for primary school children. I had written to Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore to ask him if he intended enforcing entry to private homes to install energy systems. I bet Cliff Waterman is almost salivating at the prospect of forced removal of our oil based heating systems to save the planet from our evil carbon footprints. I closed my communication with a hard copy letter to all of the afore mentioned including:

For the attention of Suffolk and West Suffolk County Council Chief Executives.
We have 7 names upon our village WW1 memorial. They sacrificed life for our freedom and liberty. God knows what would they would have made of all of you today.
Apparently, common law and traditional Christian values are no longer a priority within the Suffolk police, county councils or even my local church. The anus is not a sex organ, men do not get pregnant, surgery and pharmaceutical products do not change natural born biological gender, masturbation ‘lessons’ for children as young as 4 within Suffolk schools is unfathomable, flying a Ukrainian flag for Stepan Bandera Nazis is misguided, councillor and teacher Cliff Waterman is an advert for home schooling, CO₂ does not drive climate change and there is NO climate emergency. You are paid salaries of approx. £200K to just follow orders. You do not represent my values in any way, shape or form.
End text.

For some background context I recommend:
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I will close with an example of numerous clips online whereby parents are quoting literature from school libraries and curriculums which are apparently inappropriate to repeat at public council meetings:

We must step up, speak up and withdraw compliance with policy founded lies and degenerate programmes for schools.

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