War and Strife Update


Remember that the majority of the IDF soldiers are civilians, they are reservists, civilians with  some limited military training. They are now tasked with taking Gaza City and removing Hamas. After all the bombing then, the city is an ideal location for asymmetrical warfare. It can be defended with RPG’s which can destroy armoured vehicles quite easily

Fancy being a sitting duck in an Israeli armoured vehicle? No I thought not, nor do I. Did these Israeli citizens have anything to do with the creation of this war? No, of course not, citizens never do, only politicians, spooks and military folk

So I weep for all innocent victims of this false “war”, on both sides. The war is totally unnecessary from every human perspective. Hamas is controlled opposition, so the “war” was created by the same occulted controllers, for their numerous geopolitical, and economic, reasons. Reasons that have been thoroughly documented in many places, none of it is secret, it’s all readily available, if you know where to look. The fools who rely on the MSM haven’t a clue about that of course

My ongoing advice to anyone who is interested is to stay detached. Do not invest your own energy in taking sides. That is futile, no citizen of any nation anywhere can impact this war in any way whatsoever. So emotionally attaching yourself to one of the sides is not healthy for you. There are no winners in war amongst the people, only losers


“It is obvious that the ruins of Gaza provide substantial ambush locations for Hamas to utilize it’s 105 mm bazookas and recoilless rifles, RPGs which looks to be standard gear for their troopers. I would imagine that trip mines will be laid once the IDF try entering the streets off the beaches.

IDF is learning the Bakhmut lesson, armor is more of a target than an asset in urban fighting. The home made RPGs probably cost a few hundred dollars, taking out multi million dollar armored vehicles. This is child’s play to what Hezbollah can do.

Hamas posted footage shows this. You can see windows, doorways, holes in walls everywhere. Notice the narrow streets and alleyways. Several clips shows Hamas fighters even taking aim at the tanks from the streets and at close range. The weapons used seem well suited. Small hit and run squad tactics are employed and since the IDF delayed the ground offensive, Hamas has no doubt planned out and mapped every nook, cranny, hole – and route…..


More footage shows firing from overhead windows. These are not stationary positions, and the weapons used have good ranges. These firing positions are everywhere, and Hamas shooters and snipers move from spot to spot. Notice the holes in the building sides at 30 seconds…..


Heavy artillery and more bombing of these near the beach neighborhoods will take Hamas underground and create even more cover after. It seems logical that gas may be used by the IDF, but that is risky for their own troops and would require sappers.  That may also be another red line for Hezbollah and the potential unified Muslim world to enter the war.

For the IDF to press on they will need to get off the beaches and send highly trained units to clear these buildings and tunnels before being able to proceed to the rest of Gaza City. Otherwise it will end up like whack a mole.”


Source: https://www.winterwatch.net/2023/11/war-and-strife-update/

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10 Responses to “War and Strife Update”

  1. ian says:

    Is Hamas not controlled?.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      No comprende senor?

      I said in third paragraph at start:

      “Hamas is controlled opposition, so the “war” was created by the same occulted controllers, for their numerous geopolitical, and economic, reasons”

      • ian says:

        Sorry Pete, I was thinking, given that Hamas is controlled, ie controlled by their people then why sympathise with the Israeli soldiers. We’ve all seen the relish with which they dish out brutality to women and kids, and how the settlers escape punishment normally for killing stone throwing kids. I personally have little sympathy for any of them. I’m sure there are good people too, as the Jews were incentivised to go to Israel, but we don’t see them. Due to the clannishness from the bankers downwards, there is a predominance of Jews in all of Western establishment and the more affluent societies, who seem to control everything.

        I live in a poor area, and don’t personally know a single Jew. All I know about them is what I read and what I see here. That input doesn’t to me seem to justify any sympathy or pity for them. They’d kick you to death in the street at the drop of a hat.

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          They show you only what they want you to see Ian. Most IDF soldiers are civilians. Most Jews are nothing to do with any of this. Jews are just as much victims of their elite as anyone else is. Their Sabbatean elite will not hesitate to kill Jews whenever it suits their purpose

          I married a Jew, I know lots of Jews, and they are absolutely nothing to do with any of this. To tar them all because of the actions of a minority is wrong

          I also sympathise with all victims, not just one side. I refuse to take sides on principle, that is what they clearly want you to do. Divide and rule as ever

          • ian says:

            I understand Pete. I, in the day to day things, try to be balanced, and fair, but as I only get what is generally passed around on the internet, it is very difficult not to see the Jewish people in a bad light. I’m actually going against what I have found in life, that ordinary people everywhere are the same. I try to be very measured Pete, but I’m easily controlled by my urge to defend innocents. I’m basically a soft touch for people in trouble. It kind of rules over my logic.

            Thanks for your input, it makes me think more, and be sure of less.

            • pete fairhurst 2 says:

              You are a good bloke Ian. I’ve never doubted your integrity for a second. You and I can always exchange opinions without rancour. Which is the way that it should always be. But rarely is in this mad world of ours

  2. John says:

    Check out this video by Radiation Matters. He has an interesting take on the war.


  3. Tapestry says:

    The Ukraine war is over – as far as media is concerned, but there are more casualties now than when the war was actually going on. They turn the cameras away when the real killing starts, and the politics is done.