Tory support collapsing.

The glaring absence of any unifying, coherent philosophy was aptly reflected at the recent Tory conference in Manchester, where despite voters wanting to talk about the cost-of-living crisis, a broken NHS and spiralling immigration, Rishi Sunak instead lectured them about the need to ban smoking, reform A-levels, and scrap a high-speed train-line. He seemed to be living in some other galaxy.

Where there should be a passionate, compelling, coherent case for a new national conservatism, which could forge a new social contract and attract a new electoral coalition, there is instead a philosophically lightweight, empty, soulless technocracy which is completely adrift from its core voters and much of the rest of the country. Few things signal this more powerfully than resurrecting a former Tory leader whose liberal, Centrist Dad politics have already been comprehensively rejected by voters at the 2016 Brexit referendum. I mean, seriously.

And I think, lastly, the sacking of Suella Braverman tells us something else, too, something about the dire state of British politics more generally. This is not just about a single minister being sacked. Nope. It is about another outspoken renegade, another radical challenger, being purged from our politics and the public square. Think for a minute about all we have seen. Boris Johnson? Gone. Liz Truss? Gone. Suella Braverman? Gone. And none of it with a serious democratic mandate.

You do not have to agree with these politicians to think, like me, that the purging of alternative voices from our politics and national conversation —voices which have variously made the case for Brexit, reforming our broken economy, lowering immigration, reforming multiculturalism, and strengthening our national borders— is something we should all instinctively be worried about.

Whether on the right or left, it seems to me, at least, that we are increasingly incapable as a country to tolerate and discuss serious and sometimes radical alternatives to the elite liberal consensus which pervades Westminster and our ruling class.

TAP – the Political class is tearing itself apart – and has a shrinking power base.  Tory support is already down by 70%.  That’s why I’ve decided to stand for election next year as Police and Crime Commissioner for the Teds in the West Mercia region.  Somehow we have to stand, face and turnaround the total collapse of England – our once excellent country.  Becoming a Police and Crime Commissioner would be as good a place to start as any.  The Party is standing in other areas – Essex, Lincolnshire and a few others.  I’ll post when the time comes which areas have a vote for The Teds available.  The elections are on Next May.  Meantime I’ll be leafleting and making as many connections as I can.



8 Responses to “Tory support collapsing.”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Best of luck with that Tap, I hope that you gain some traction and make a real impact. Sounds like a lot of hard work coming up for you

    The “total collapse of England” is correct, it’s staring us in the face, but most folk are so distracted that they don’t even seem to notice. Just one small example of many: the total collapse of anything resembling debate in the uk, cancel culture reigns supreme

    They wave their foreign flags for all they are worth and they seem to have no idea that this is exactly what the malign manipulators of our society and culture WANT them to do

    Think about the ………… [fill in appropriate concern du jour]

    Whatever you do then, don’t look at the degraded and depressing state of your own society, culture and people

    Charity begins at home doesn’t it?

  2. Tapestry says:

    How can we do anything to help anyone if we are lost ourselves? England is reviving.

    • Steve Kettle says:

      And what positives can you point to for that assessment Tap?

  3. Tapestry says:

    Tories are dying. Labour is already dead. New growth will arise. We can make it good, if we believe we can. I do. That’s why I’m standing for election as Police and Crime Commissioner for West Mercia.for the Teds. One step at a time, but belief comes before even the first step.

  4. Steve Kettle says:

    My very best wishes for you Tap and l really hope you’re successful but l suspect the Tories are committing suicide by design to usher in Keir Starmer. They all piss in the same pot and just play a role for a short period then off they go to a cushy retirement as long as they do what they’re told. Traitors or idiots the vast majority of them.

  5. Tapestry says:

    Standing and watching the old world collapse should not stop us from building the new. Our role is to do what we can to succeed, not waste time observing the failure of others, and then not acting as we are put off by the output of massed ranks of criminals, who’ve lost their souls in the system. In essence, stop watching and measuring. It’s a carcass. We know that. Start acting.

  6. newensign says:

    Good luck too Tap. The south Saxons are rising up.
    All folks as come to Sussex
    Must follow Sussex ways –
    And when they’ve larned to know us well,
    There’s no place else they’ll wish to dwell
    In all their blessed days –

    There ant no place like Sussex,
    Until ye goos above,
    For Sussex will be Sussex,
    And Sussex won’t be druv.