The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 306 – Deadly Heretics! – [1:51:54]


Calvin and Luther were born Roman Catholics and died Roman Catholics because they NEVER preached the TRUE GOSPEL of Jesus Christ according to John 3:5-6 and Acts 2:38-40. They were NOT BORN AGAIN according to the TRUTH of the scripture NOT only by their own confession and writing but also by the historical record of their lives. Martin Luther and Jean Calvin are NOT HEROES of Bible Faith! Protestantism is a religion based on primarily Augustinian doctrines, which are NOT Biblical. The Reformation never reformed anything. Roman Catholic politics and religion were merely INSERTED SECRETLY or TRANSFERRED OPENLY into the new Protestant religion with various modifications. We ended up with 2 NEW Augustinian clone religions, Lutheranism and Calvinism making 3 together with their mother Roman Catholicism. These 2 new clones would then ultimately divide into 30.000 + new Augustinian clone denominations due to DISAGREEMENTS over mostly FALSE DOCTRINES.