The end of human freedom

The lecture uncovers the true intention behind next years Summit of the Future, which will result in the outcome document Leaders pact for the Future. The plan with the pact is to turn the recommendations from United Nations Our Common Agenda into concrete measures, and turbocharge the implementation of Agenda 2030. If the pact gets signed, it will result in a new automated global management system that will have severe consequences for our freedoms. Who will benefit from and ultimately lead the transformation?

Prince Charles puts world on war footing.

Climate Youth will be the modern version of Hitler Youth.

Data will be collected in all imaginable ways.  Global digital connectivity for all, to accelerate sustainable development for all, address risks and harms.

Artificial Intelligence – the WEF and the UN and UNICEF have put together the policy on AI.  Inclusive digital identity systems.  Registering people and recording their activities.

AI can flag suspicious patterns and flag potential threats.  Selected groups can be excluded from social benefits.  Tracking systems.

Reforming international financial architecture.  Global financial safety net.  Aligned to fulfilment of a global goal.

Information platforms will be forced to prevent ‘hate speech’ – i.e. censorship.  Prevention of ‘false’ information spreading.

Vaccination drives must not be undermined.



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