The Anti-Human Agenda – Twitter (X) Thread – Nov 6, 2023

The following is our twitter (x) thread, compiled on Threadreader.

They’ve outlined their plan for the GR & it’s an insane dystopian nightmare of enforced passivity, medical & climate tyranny.

15-minute cities.
Little or no access to wild spaces.
Strictly monitored & limited travel.
Little to no real meat or dairy.

They’re serious…

They intend to bring all this right to YOU, wherever or whoever you are.

Unless you’re super-rich, this is YOUR future.

They know if you start focusing on this too much, you will be appalled & resist.

So they need a distraction.

And they will do literally anything to achieve that. Try to recall this when your controlled media, who told you to get vaxxed in 2021, are now laying out their stalls of race hate & rage.

They were serving an anti-human agenda then.

What do you think they’re serving now?

And when they tell you to look at this or that boogeyman, they assure you it is very scary and coming to get you.

Like this…

They’d love you to buy a Cold War 2 fantasy where those two pro-GR states that happily cooperate to kill their own people with the same toxic vaxx are ideological enemies, just a button-press away from mutual annihilation.

Spoiler – they’re not. It’s us they kill, not each other.

And this…

Another globalist functionary doing his duty. “Forget Agenda 2030, Hamas are coming to get you!”

So you don’t notice stuff like this…

These people used a fake pandemic to launch their attack on us.

They cynically killed people with lockdowns & DNRs & withdrawal of care just to get some excess mortality figures they could manipulate into “COVID deaths.”

Because other human lives mean nothing to them.

Now they’re cynically killing people with war. To fill us with outrage, counter-outrage, hate, fear–all the primal emotions that shut down higher thinking to divide us & distract us from the prison camp being built around all of us, & from which, once built, there’ll be no escape.

Those who pay for & promote stuff like this KNOW there will inevitably be a backlash…


The backlash is the point.

They don’t care about Palestinians or Israelis or any of us 99%.

They don’t give a stuff how many people end up dead.

It’s just a means to an end, like “covid.”

We agree strongly with this comment left on our site last week…


3 Responses to “The Anti-Human Agenda – Twitter (X) Thread”

  1. Tapestry says:

    Join The Teds. Go for English or Welsh or other Independence and nullify all the sell-out treaties. The UK has signed into the whole deal. They want England broken up. Time to go, people. Buckle up.

  2. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    Excellent post, right on the money

    THEY want YOU to wave one of those flags because it helps their gameplan as outlined above

    So don’t fall for it, stay detached and wave 2 fingers to ALL their schemes. Do not comply, do not consent, do not join in with the herd

    Go Teds! Who else is there? I hope that they field a candidate in my constituency. I will break a 25+ year policy of not voting if they do