Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The climate emergency. I cannot believe people acquiesce to this nonsense. But, have hope, it’s so stupid, the narrative it will fail.

Queen Charles, Sir Kueer Stammerer, Ratty Sunake, Bollox Johnson, the BBC, the UN, Agenda2030… are they all stupid or just lying?

They are literally demonising the gas of life. We breathe out CO₂, plants ‘breathe’ it in to give out O₂, we breathe in O₂ and so the cycle of life has been since before we were here.
Today, we have an ‘extreme’ weather event, be it sun, wind, rain, lack of rain and it’s odds on the BBC will report ‘climate change’.

Is it an eco-fascist death programme? Greenpeace co-founder, Dr. Patrick Moore predicts Net Zero policy will result in half the population dying of starvation. “If we banned fossil fuels, agricultural production would collapse. People will begin to starve, and half the population will die in a very short period of time.”
This is some months old, when ‘Phucker’ Carlson – I can’t help it after Dr. Shiva said ‘phucker’ – was still at Fox TV.

The much touted ‘97% of scientists’ say climate emergency is real, as stated for example by US President Obama, is an absolute lie. There are so many I could name, but I recommend Climate Realism by Paul Burgess here in the UK….
He deals with the science and truth behind the world wide ‘Climate Alarmism scam’ and demonstrates that the world needs more CO₂ and that even doubling it will only be beneficial.

This short video shows Paul Burgess so frustrated with stupidity…

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5 Responses to “Stupid Is As Stupid Does”

  1. ian says:

    The great unwashed hard of thinking masses rely on TV. Say no more. They are desperate for a vaxx for sudden death syndrome.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Energy is plentiful and only restricted for political purposes. We need solar or anything else to be independent of a system which could switch us off – the meaning of smart. Loss of independence. Or you might as well ask for a sudden death vaxxene, unless you enjoy the concept of slavery.

    • NPP says:

      Yes, you love solar panels, EVs & espouse they enable ‘energy independence’.

      We had a power failure the other evening. Only 2-3 hours. One house remained alight. He has a latent heat underground system, solar panels, an EV etc. He attends the COP conferences and has been on BBC R4 Today espousing his eco-fascist climate emergency claptrap. I suppose he too deems his family energy independent. Time will tell.

      Indeed. Oil. Renewable. Plentiful. Unlikely made of fossils.

      CO₂ does not drive climate change and there is NO climate emergency. But, schools teach other wise and those ‘investing’ in ‘renewable’ chip based technology financially support the ‘green’ ideology, Agenda2023 and potential slavery. 
      If the grid goes down, I trust my neighbour can grow and produce food and has a deep water bore hole. He could also buy a gun to keep errant intruders at bay and try shooting any reptilians as they attack his energy independent ideal of wonderment while we, his neighbours, toil in our dystopian hell.

      At some point the eco-fascist programme will fail, hopefully sooner than later and hopefully there will still be a civil society left. Corporates & governments implement lies & means of control. We have the choice, the independence to recogise, abstain and not comply.

      I hate the solar farms in our East Anglian fields. They are ugly and symbolic of stupidity and corruption. Wind turbines are equally ugly and stupid. EVs need power points. Where’s the power coming from? Fairies running on treadmill wheels?

      Drive your EV with love. Enjoy your solar panels. But, save me the independent rhetoric. If I am the stupid one, then c’est la vie.

  3. Tapestry says:

    C’est la EV! Roger Spurr says sinkholes and many earthquakes are caused by extraction of oil and gas. The eco-fascists want us dead, not only deprived of energy. Roger also believes much of the fuel being extracted is biological in origin, in that most geology is formerly biology. Political viewpoints require simple truths to feed propaganda on both sides. The issues of day to day living are always complex. There is room for a multitude of views on all matters.

    • NPP says:

      It is not complex. There is no climate emergency. The earth is not in crisis. The TV, the governments and corporations pretend there is and it is.

      I have zero urge to buy an EV. I have zero urge to ban them, let the free market be, but I’m not interested.
      Solar panels in East Anglian fields are ludicrous. Konya, Turkiye’de? Sure, solar panels are relevant because they have a lot of sunshine and large open arid spaces.

      Who’s Roger Spurr?