2 Responses to “Shot Dead.”

  1. pete fairhurst 2 says:

    This sad tale clearly demonstrates that anyone who listens to politicians, medics, scientists and media. is very very unwise. Particularly so if they treat them as an authoritative source……

    The ONLY way to proceed during the covid scam was to do your OWN research. It didn’t take a lot of effort either. ALL the official info about the covid vaxx was alarming. It wasn’t even truly a vaccination! They changed the very definition of the word vaccination to be able to call it one. The correct description was “experimental drug therapy”. And it was very easy to find that out too

    If the covid “vaccination” had been given its correct description then, hardly anyone would have taken the damn thing

    Then there were the official NHS information sheets which referred to Genetically Modified DNA, Chimpanzee DNA and the like. Fancy injecting yourself with GMO and Chimp DNA? No I thought not

    They even changed the definition of the word “pandemic” too. Instead of “deaths” then they lowered the bar to “cases”. PCR test anyone?

    Why would anyone trust such lying liars?

    Caveat Emptor – let the buyer beware

    • ian says:

      Exactly Pete. 100% my thoughts. I suspect that they expected more compliance too hence the coming WHO dictatorship. Too many of us saw them as the filthy lying parasitical verminous self aggrandising asshole wankers that they are.