Rant of the Day

From Ireland courtesy Thomas Sheridan. But equally applicable here

“Sometimes bad language is necessary to convey the utter frustration at the madness

Driving through places like Adamstown, Ongar and Mulhuddart, it’s pretty clear that there is no actual housing crisis in Ireland. Paul Murphy and the rest of the PBP/SF leftists are complete disingenuous liars. The housing is being prioritised to facilitate mass migration, while the birthright of our people is stolen from under them, to give to people to whom we owe nothing.

Scammers who arrive here from everywhere with no affiliation or love for this country who are just here to take, take, take. There’s a pathological niceness to most of the Irish which is like mothers milk to tyrants. They are terrified to open their mouths for fear of what others might think. I am not, nor will I ever be one of those. I will call it how I see it even if I’m hated for it, because the truth is the only thing that matters in the end.

Our country has been stolen from us. It’s not a popular thing to say because most people have been conditioned into believing it’s racist to put your own people first in your own country. A scammer is a scammer no matter what colour they are. Does it mean they all are, of course not, but there’s an entire undemocratic NGO apparatus facilitating all this and actively coaching these people how to get the maximum out of the system.

I don’t even blame them, they are taking advantage of a flawed system, but they are still dishonest. We have a nest of traitors in the upper echelons of the system implementing a UN plan to displace and eventually replace us. They will tell you that’s a conspiracy theory of course, but would they admit to this crime as they are doing it?

A good way to find out who is genuine would be to reduce the generous social welfare and cut things like HAP, then we will see the ones who are not here to work scatter. The only way to stop this now is mass deportations. The only problem is, all the main political parties are on board with this, so we are faced with a mountain to climb.

I’m well aware that sounds very right wing. I’m not, nor have I ever been what you could consider right wing, never mind far right. I’m an old school lefty who was even a card carrying union member at one stage. However the left has been highjacked by lunatics. Extremists who have created a situation which now requires urgent and drastic action.

This country is precious, it’s being abused and deliberately destroyed by mass migration. People are terrified to open their mouths for fear of being called racist, while their children get pushed down housing lists and can’t get a GP. This country is not functioning for its people. Why should we have to take young men from the third world? Especially when the homeless figures are now above 14,000. It has increased while we take in more.

Should you ever (god forbid) fall on hard times, rest assured you will be treated in the exact same manner as our homeless currently are. An African or Muslim family will be prioritised ahead of you despite you living here and paying tax all your life. That’s the reality. The Irish have virtue signalled away their own country.

There are some amazing people in this country but the vicious predators in power, who are making a fortune from this migrant scam, have always been able to weaponise the compassion of the naive fool that is glued to the late late show, to help them manufacture a mandate. The type of arsehole who says ‘sure didn’t the EU give us roads’, yes so let’s give them our fish, our turf, destroy our beef industry, et cetera, in return, shall we?

People with generic opinions the same as the next fella, with no in depth understanding or knowledge of anything, who repeats buzzwords they heard on Newstalk on the way to work, have had an indirect hand in making a complete bollox of this country. It has to stop. It must end now!

Those who have the balls to speak up are labelled by the state, who are in turn cheered on by these fucking whimps who have a backbone like jelly, so they will always default to what makes them seem like a ‘nice’ person. It’s all about how they are perceived by other people. I can think of few things more pathetic.

There’s a difference between a good person and a nice person. A good person will do what is right even if it is unpopular and it makes him/her look like a bad person at the time, because he/she is often blessed (or cursed) with being able to recognise patterns ahead of time. Most of us knew instinctually that people who were damaged by their ‘vaccine’ should they partake would be subsequently ignored, just like they are being ignored now. We already saw what ‘nice’ people did in the past few years. They are still doing it, amid the din of roaring ambulance sirens which have increased ten fold on our roads.

They allowed (through their naïveté) an environment to be created, where the government could systematically murder our poor elderly in care homes, depriving them of the touch of their loved ones in their final moments. They were happy to mask up and inject young children with an untested, unlicensed experiment they didn’t need, many of who are now dead or are suffering with serious health conditions.

The 13% rise in excess deaths (some of whom are children and young people) since the rollout of this jab is being ignored by the same ‘nice people’ who bullied people in shopping centres for not wearing masks because cases were on the rise. That’s the unspeakable evil, ‘nice people’ were more than happy to go along with.

Here we have a situation where more people have died since 2021 than in the entirety of the troubles in Northern Ireland (an actual fucking WAR). This can be statistically verified. All while you ‘nice people’ pretend it’s not happening and scoff and laugh (still) at those who highlight it, because of two things, (1) you are afraid you will be next and (2) you helped cause it. You’re not ‘nice’ you’re a fucking coward.

You are doing the same thing again with the migration thing, you are feigning compassion while men are crammed into centres in their thousands and calling it whatever the government call it. calling them ‘refugees’ – dripping in jewellery and wearing runners I couldn’t afford. They are destroying their documents to avail of our generous asylum system which makes them criminals. I am still prepared to fight against this madness, while some of you are distracted and glued to the Middle East, no matter what I’m called. I don’t care. What’s right is right, even if it contradicts the television.

I and others, have been called many things the past few years, none of it has any effect. We can see the outcome of all this as clear as day and how it dovetails with the climate change bollox. These men are being sent here to upend the country. The social unrest will then provide the necessary excuse to implement the next phase, digital surveillance state. Every movement tracked, your children will have to live in that world a lot longer than you. An oppressive, totalitarian prison.

Surely you have the self respect to notice the inherent contradiction of piling more people into the country, while we are told we must reduce our energy consumption and reduce our cattle by 200,000. Surely you can see that equation doesn’t balance, or are you waiting for a mathematician to explain it to you? They might pay Carol Vorderman a few Bob to do so and distract you with her ‘amazing figure for her age’ in the process. This is the shallow, materialistic, ridiculous world we live in. Popular culture has created a completely false paradigm, in which celebrities can sell the masses anything. Even if it doesn’t make sense.

I’ll be able to tell my children that I at least tried to do something to fight back, so they could live in a free world. What will you ‘nice’ people be able to say? Same thing you are saying right now. Nothing. Man Utd were playing that night, won’t cut the mustard. This was all done with your consent. All of it. If you are angry at me for saying these things I’m sorry, but it’s true, maybe redirecting that anger toward those who have actually manipulated you instead of at me, would be more positive and beneficial don’t you think.

I’m only telling you what they’ve done, I didn’t actually do it. I know most people will just continue on as is, and that’s fine, that is their own choice, they are free (for now) to do so but they will need to face those consequences when the time comes. I don’t continue to write daily articles for them, I do it for those who are curious. Those who are open minded and are now finally willing to look into the darkness, no matter how terrifying.

Those who may have been tricked but are feeling like shit about it, there’s always time to turn things around and make a difference. There are many vaccine damaged people who have now decided to fight back. You are amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and hopefully one day we will get justice for you.

People see things at different stages and I will never look down my nose at people who were tricked and realised things late. I will welcome you with open arms, regardless of colour or race, because we are all victims of this. The ‘nice’ people who follow whatever the next government press release advises, you can never be trusted again. You are extremely dangerous whether you realise it or not. You are also party to genocide. You are weak and you will do it all over again.

For those of you who are beginning to question, there’s always hope. Speak up before they try to silence us all. We need you now!”


Source: https://thomassheridan.substack.com/cp/138480345



4 Responses to “Rant of the Day”

  1. ian says:

    An excellent rant Pete, which to an extent induced shame in me for not being more honest with people in some cases.

    • pete fairhurst 2 says:

      I know how you feel Ian

      But don’t be too hard on yourself, it was a taxing experience to be aware what was happening when so many around you were not. It was draining and it took it’s toll on all of us. I took the easy way out often enough myself

      It’s no consolation to know that you were correct either. The herd just moved on to the next crisis du jour without a backward glance. Waving whichever flag the perps told them to wave

      My old man saw WW2 from close up on the Western front, he drove a truck onto Sword beach in Normandy on D day and ended up in Germany at the end. He told me “Never trust a flag waver son, they weren’t there, they’ve no idea what war really is”

      • ian says:

        Thanks Pete. You must be proud of your Dad.

        • pete fairhurst 2 says:

          Respect rather than pride Ian, he and I always had great respect for one another. We had nothing to sort out between us when he passed in 2003, we just said goodbye

          He was 22 when he drove that truck, fortunately it was onto one of the least dangerous of the beaches. I wasn’t even a twinkle in his eye at that time, so I’m glad that he made it ok!

          Btw, you might be amused to know that one of the few things that I learned from my church attendance in my early years was the 7 deadly sins. Pride [Hubris] is said to be the deadliest of the sins. It is said to be the gateway through which all the other sins enter the soul. This somehow stuck with me at a subconscious level. And I’ve honestly always avoided it as best that I can for my whole life since 🙂