‘Palestinian state is unavoidable’ – Lavrov | RT Exclusive


Lavrov names key factor for safety of Israel (WATCH IN FULL)

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The top Russian diplomat discussed the root of the violence in the Middle East and other pressing issues in an exclusive interview

Israeli-Palestinian violence needs to be resolved within the UN-backed framework of a two-state solution, and a badly-needed ceasefire in Gaza has to be followed by a genuine effort to implement it, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told RT in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

The refusal by the US to put any restrictions on Israel stands in the way of reining in the bloodshed, according to the top diplomat, who noted the risk of the Gaza hostilities escalating into a regional war. However, players in Lebanon and Iran have “no appetite” for taking this path, Lavrov said.

Russia’s top diplomat also touched upon the US branding Moscow an “international pariah” and a “rogue state” – despite, according to the minister, all evidence to the contrary. He also spoke on the aspirations of African nations to get a fair share of the wealth generated from processing their natural riches, and the overall rebalancing of global power.

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  1. Belyi says:

    This is what a Foreign Secretary should look like and sound like. He and one or two other notable exceptions, run rings round the rest of the world.