Kennedy offers hope

Tony Lyons wrote the following about Bobby Kennedy

And I was going to write a sentence or two but my part expanded to 8 paragraphs


I’m posting what Tony Lyons wrote for a few reasons. Someone commented the other day that Bobby Kennedy favored partial birth abortions. That was ridiculous; of course he doesn’t. His personal preference as a Catholic is no abortions, (my personal preference too, as I do not think it is good for the soul, but sometimes it must be done) but has no interest in restricting abortions.

It reminded me that my own family has believed crazy things about Bobby Kennedy. With a mainstream media blackout on the real person, it is easy to spread false rumors. So I am posting what his friend Tony said.

I think Bobby and I see each other as kindred spirits. We each had wild childhoods (luckily no tragedies in mine, but imagine what I put my parents through, hitch-hiking across Africa and India at age 20 after dropping out of college). We each developed into extraordinarily serious adults in our 30s, and we each became driven to help and fix the world. Each of us has our eyes fixed on trying to find the sweet spots: what will be effective; what can we do better? My life is not about “me” any more, but about deflecting a looming apocalypse, which I know can be done when simply enough people learn what is going on.

I can’t see into Bobby’s head, but what I have written is what I have seen him do. If people need to learn about Tony Fauci, well, he would write a book about him. If we are being mandated to take COVID vaccines illegally, well, he will sue the FDA. And if a cabal is trying to take our country (and world) down to dine off what is left, well, then he will run for President. How can you not respect this man?

How do I know? I have worked on projects for him, and I have helped edit his last 3 books. Our world views are very closely aligned. Do I agree with him on everything? No. Israel-Gaza is a mess and none of know what really happened. What underlay all the carnage? Who runs Hamas? Who runs Israel? Is this a play to foment a WW3? We don’t know any of it. I do not think either “side” (supposed side—because both sides are probably proxies) should be supported. We should support a ceasefire, taking care of the mental and physical wounds on both sides, and search for the real truth.

Does Bobby understand the WHO takeover? Not as well as I’d like. But I will see him twice during the next week, and I hope to pound more info on the WHO into him. (I have some very good news on the WHO front, which I will provide in a subsequent substack).

Bobby had an extremely challenging life. It either destroys you or it deepens you. He got deepened, and in the process learned quite a lot. The man before you now is honorable, moral, self-deprecating, brilliant, and very well suited to lead our nation, without ego, without corruption—and I believe he is incorruptible.

I simply ask that you watch some of his interviews or read a book or two that he wrote and find your own truths about who this man really is. He does write them himself, btw, in longhand. Then 2 typists type them up. Then people like me make suggestions. This man is real.—Meryl

Here are some random ideas off the top of my head. Just want them out and in your heads.

What if everything you’ve heard about Bobby Kennedy is a lie?

Bobby Kennedy was right about the Hudson River. He was right about Monsanto, mercury in early childhood vaccines, fracking, military pollution in Puerto Rico…He’s fought big ag, big pharma, big plastic, big oil. He’s fought corrupt and captured government agencies. He’s been a corruption fighter, a warrior for justice, suing the greedy and the corrupt for 40 years. He’s fought to save his cousin Michael Skakel who went to jail for a decade for a crime he clearly didn’t commit. He met with Sirhan Sirhan the man accused of killing his father. While no one else in his family would listen, would research, study, learn or remain open to the possibility that they had gotten the story wrong.

Why did Bobby Kennedy do all of this? Is he crazy, guilty about something, seeking revenge? No. Is it because he’s dangerous to the American people? No.

He’s done all of this not for money or power or glory, but because it’s fundamental to who he is. Because fighting for justice is what he was put on this earth to do. It’s the plot of land that was given to him to till. Like his father and his uncle, he’s not afraid of anyone or anything except being complacent, allowing his fellow citizens to suffer when he feels he can do something about it, that he has to do something about it, that there’s no choice. He’s certainly dangerous but not to you. Ask yourself who he’s dangerous to? He’s a danger to anyone who’s fighting against freedom, dangerous to the corrupt, costly to the greedy.

To the rest of us, he’s that rare leader. He’s a folk hero ready to sacrifice everything for the American people, risking everything to dismantle the uniparty, take down the oligarchy, with no conflicts, no agenda except to do what’s right, to tell the truth, to protect children, and to fight for democracy—at a turning point in history that he feels is critical to the future of mankind.

He has a lifelong thirst for knowledge. He reads everything, is interested in so many things, open to a wide variety of ideas, capable of changing–changing his mind, his views, when he hears a better argument or gets new information.

This is Bobby Kennedy’s moment–to take America back, to re-ignite the ideals this country was founded on, to prove that freedom isn’t dead, that wildlife can be preserved, that children can be protected, that mankind can have a bright future. People say it can’t be done, that he can’t win, that the world is captured by the corrupt, that we’ve lost the battle. Bobby Kennedy is telling you to have hope, to recognize your power, put aside our differences, heal the divide, and join him as a soldier in the fight for humanity.

Tony Lyons

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  1. Belyi says:

    Kennedy is like the rest of the US politicians. He is very knowledgeable about his own subjects, but he has no idea about foreign relations and in today’s world that matters a lot.

    The people on whom he would rely are usually just political appointees. There seems to be no form of training for diplomats in the US which is why they’re always outshone by the Russians and Chinese and just about everybody else outside the West