Jupiter’s birthing canal is becoming active…

The Juno space mission to Jupiter got Very Close to the Great Red Spot and took Pictures that reveal details about the “Great Red Spot” which was thought to be a Continuous Storm for hundreds of years but is not a storm….far from it. Velikovsky reported the ancient texts about Jupiter and Venus which was recorded by all cultures and was about 1500bc and appears possible. This encounter caused Havoc on Earth and almost wiped out all life on Earth as it created the Mudfossils from the Hot silica rich flood waters. Remember almost all cultures spoke of Giants Dragons and the Great Flood. “The Feared God Jupiter (the planet) gave Birth to the Fiery Comet Venus which almost collided with Earth and caused the Great Flood”. My Material Mudfossil research completely supports that claim.

This ‘red spot’ is the size of earth and the size of Venus.    Velikovsky in his book Worlds In Collision suggested Venus was birthed in the 15th century BC passing earth and causing catastrophe here.  Venus was 800 degrees hot,  The atmosphere was combusted, and the waters turned to steam, creating a layer of silicone,  creating fossils.  The event turned earth around, and earth stopped turning for three days.  All recorded.   Mars actually hit Venus.  The approach of Venus caused a worldwide flood.

Jupiter is the feared God .

My (Tap’s) linguistic take is that Ju’ means government/ruler – and {piter means rock as in Peter/petros).  Just a suggestion, not set in stone – ha ha!

Roger says Jupiter is not he real God, but a corrupted God who was put in charge down here, and decided to have a party!

The big question is whether Jupiter is about to give birth again.  The signs of discharge are there.



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2 Responses to “Jupiter’s birthing canal is becoming active…”

  1. ian says:

    Very interesting.

  2. Tapestry says:

    My ‘hunch’ is that Jupiter will be birthing to send a hot planet down to zap the moon. The moon is a reptilian base and where the earth is managed from – put in place to monitor the earth by the Reptilians whose insignia are the Pleiades and Sirius. A very long shot indeed that theory but I doubt it will be another earth zap as was effected by Venus according to Velikovsky. Jupiter could be angry with the reptilian takeover of earth, and has instructions to redesign our social structures. Or it’s another global wipe-out as last time.